Strong Leadership Qualities

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Mr. Brian is a single-track minded worker; he prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is completely done. He dislikes being interrupted while he is in the middle of working on one task. However, he claims that there is always something urgent given from other department or management to be able to settled first. Therefore, he needs to adjust and change his priority in this situation.

Mr. Brian is able to use shortcuts in anticipating limited budget and sources in handling maintenance activities. He said that he acquired this through trial and error from his lengthy years of experience. While this approach has worked successfully, he feels uncomfortable because he believes that engineering tasks should follow work and maintenance standards that of a 5-star hotel. Continue reading

Bar Manager and Bartender

Mr. Barry has been working in Hotel SUN Jaya for 20 years. He began as a Buss Boy and was promoted through the years until he became Assistant Bar Manager. His main task is to monitor all bar outlets in the hotel as well as time cards of each of his team members. Daily, he goes around to most of the bar outlets and checks the activities that happened the day before. Continue reading

Electrical Engineering Job

Mr. Belamy is the type of technical worker who enjoys handling technical problems in his daily routine. A persistent individual, he prefers to do his tasks one at a time to make sure it is fully accomplished based on the degree of priority. He regards work as something enjoyable and says that he is happy working in Sun because of its favorable working relationship amongst employees.

Mr. Belamy does not project strong leadership qualities. He tends to lead his people by using his social skills and expertise. Despite his limited authority in taking important decision, he is very familiar with the problem in the engineering department and can be expected to settle it at ease. Being practical and simple in thinking, he will re-use his past experience in solving problems. Continue reading

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