Financial Strategy at Procter and Gamble

In waving the flag on top of business success will only mean one thing – that is a financial strategy. In the struggle of business competition, each company is armed with their personalized investment strategy.

Having a financial strategy will guide the company on how it will steer the wheel of the company in order to ensure that it will land on top of the Competition.

There is no such thing as a matter of luck in the field of business. Financial Strategy can delineate the mark between success and failure. Financial analysts and strategists are being employed in order for them to draft a Financial Strategy that can ensure the success of the company on the tough competition in the materialistic world.

In this world of commercialism, the core value of a financial strategy is more on the acquisition of financial resources and money. It will be on the idea of impossibility that a company can embark on the policy of touching human lives.

Reality will give us a hint that companies had developed financial strategy based on how a company can maintain a large cash balance without giving appropriate consideration on the concept of improving the quality of human lives.

The concept of improving the quality of human lives became the crux of the Financial Strategy at Procter and Gamble. This financial strategy that focuses on improving the quality of human lives came as a shock to the world where money is the driving force.

The company believes that improving human lives must be the highest priority and that money will just follow. Breaking away from the tradition that money is the driving force,; Procter and Gamble stood strong and firm on their business strategy.

Financial Strategy at Procter and Gamble Can be tagged as purpose inspired growth strategy. The focus of the strategy is to improve the quality of lives of its consumers across the globe. Procter and Gamble that is considered as the largest consumer products was the very first one to adhere to the strategy of giving a focus on human lives.

Monetary consideration became not the top priority of the strategy, for it believes that money will just follow. The strategy can be considered a humane approach for it invokes the need for the human heart and care for human lives.

The Financial Strategy at Procter and Gamble embarks on improving human lives and it believes that by doing so, consumers will reward Procter and Gamble with their sense of loyalty. This means that P&G will maintain its leadership in terms of sales, profit and value creations.

If there is an increase in sales and profit and value creations, P& G will be the one that will reap the benefits as well as their shareholders and employees. The cycle will be continuous and will keep P&G to produce products that are geared to improve the quality of lives of their consumers.

In this highly profitable world, the Financial Strategy at Procter and Gamble will certainly show to the world that what we need is not only money but the human heart that cares.

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