Credit Card Marketing Strategy at Bank of America

Using the best credit card marketing strategy at Bank of America would probably allow the leading issuer of credit cards in America to be valued for about $35 billion in cash and stocks.

The acquisition made the Bank of America the largest and the leading credit card issuer in the whole United States. The great combination of 20% market share and giving financial services in the banking industry is considered consolidating rapidly.

Independent and leading card issuers have partnerships with affinity groups like professional associations and college alumni to ensure great development and growth. The merger gives access to the Bank of America that provides a large network of bank branches to attract customers. Continue reading

Citibank Business Strategy

Citibank is the largest international bank and a consumer banking arm when it comes to financial services. Citibank built its own foundation in the year 1852 as a trusted “City Bank of New York”.

Later on, it became the “First National City Bank of New York”.

In the year 2010, Citibank became the 3rd largest bank company in the US based on its total assets. Citibank serves different countries all over the world. It has a retail-banking operation in more than 160 countries and more than half of its offices are located in United States. Continue reading

What is Capital Adequacy Ratio?

Capital Adequacy Ratio is the ratio that determines the capacity of the bank to meet time liabilities or other risks including operational risk, credit risk, etc. This measures the amount of the bank’s capital that is expressed through percentage of the bank’s risk credit exposures.

For a simple formulation, the capital of the bank is considered as the cushion for any potential loses. This is created to be able to protect the lenders and depositors.

The banking regulators for most of the countries monitor and defines Capital Adequacy ratio to give protection to the depositors. Continue reading

Business Strategy of VISA Card

One of the advantages of having a VISA Card is being able to pay groceries, bills, and other things without cash, as well as having a card credit to withdraw anytime you need cash.

Although that would seem a one-way advantage to the card holder, it is actually the business strategy of VISA Card and long-time card holders.

How come withdrawing and paying with cash that is not actually the card holder’s money has become a business strategy of VISA Card? Continue reading

Business Strategy of MASTERCARD

How do you think credit card companies continue to grow even if there are thousands, if not millions of their card holders who do not meet their honest debts on a monthly basis?

Simply because they are not losing anything in this particular business and as a matter of fact, they are in the winning end of this business.

Take for example the Mastercard. This credit card company has become one of the top tier credit card companies in the world and still, this is a business strategy of MASTERCARD. Continue reading

How to Develop Best Commercial Banking Strategy?

A successful and standing out commercial bank is improving the business’ success by catering the needs of their clients. The best commercial banking strategy can provide thoughtful and excellent services to people.

Applying the best and most effective strategy will surely allow the company to increase their profits and revenues as well as get more clients.

In the banking industry, there are several points that need to be considered for an effective strategy to be implemented. Continue reading