Financial Management and Business Management

Financial management is one of the main cores of our business management since it may determine the whole life of our business company. If a company has a good financial management then it surely can lead the company into a sustainable business but on the other hand if a company has a poor financial management then this company is fragile that can suddenly collapse at any reasons. Continue reading

Employee Performance and Business Result

Considering that all kinds of business companies are generated by employees it’s therefore very critical for all business entrepreneurs to be able to manage their own employees to lead the company achieving the main business goal.

Of course managing the employee isn’t very easy at all especially when we hire lots of employees with so many different characteristic and personalities. However managing employee is surely important in order to help us doing all daily activities and to achieve a profitable business. Continue reading

How to Design Business Plan

None of us perhaps want to make a huge business investment but in the end we might only circle around hesitating of what we might do to increase the business profits. In fact we may find many businesses might have collapse since they don’t have a good marketing plan as the main fundamental to conduct and perform business activities. If you’re such type of business entrepreneur then perhaps this simple article may help you. Continue reading

Developing High Performance Culture and Training

Training is continuous and related to assignments. A high-performance spirit and raw confidence are cut from the same cloth. Confidence can be defined as the inner security that comes from knowing and knowing that you know.

The role of continuous training is to promote inner security by maintaining preparedness. With the business world changing so rapidly, the high-performance unit must be perpetually updated to remain current, responsive and effective. The training must be related to the task performed. This not only ensures cost effectiveness by being immediately applicable, it adds to the elite feeling by increasing the likelihood of unit success. Continue reading

Career in Hotel Business

Mr. Jones began his career in the hotel business as a Buss Boy when he joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1983. He advanced in his career steadily and was promoted as Waiter in 1986, Captain Waiter in 1989, Assistant Headwaiter in 1994, and finally as Headwaiter in 1999. He takes pride in reaching his current level because he believes that it was purely his hard work that got him to where he is now.

According to him he was acknowledged for his performance in 1998 and was named “Supervisor of the Year.” His responsibilities include checking and monitoring Sukohardjo staff particularly the good grooming of waiters, checking of raw materials in the kitchen, controlling the operations of the outlet and conducting daily morning and evening briefing. Continue reading

Business Strategy from Singapore Airlines

(You can download excellent powerpoint slides about blue ocean strategy HERE ). Singapore Airlines (SIA) is avoidable known as one of the greatest brands in the global business world. This company from the lion country is also known as one of the best flight airlines in the world, whether in the financial aspect also in the customer satisfaction rank, beating the other famous airlines such British Airlines, Fly Emirates, and Qantas.

And as the previous, the Singapore Airlines surprising the world airlines public when they held the premier launch several weeks ago, for the jumbo jet Airbus A 380 – a giant airplane product with the two multistoried seat along the cabin; a spectacular product, a masterpiece of the factory, the Airbus consortium, to compete the eternal rival, Boeing from USA. Continue reading