Job as A Electrical Supervisor

Mr. Terry is the type of worker who is adept to perform “multi-tasking”. He is able to work on several things simultaneously and focus on the more important details of a situation or dilemma. He is aware of the importance of his job, which is why he stays after work to finish a task if necessary. He trains his subordinates on various tasks, but tells them to consult him if a problem is too complex for them to handle. Although Mr. Terry abides by the hotels protocol, he is a highly pragmatic and flexible manager and employee. Continue reading

Effective Time Management

Mr. Sammy appears to enjoy his job and is contented with his existing position. He is considered a “smart- worker”, creating means and ways to make his job easier and more interesting. He does not give much attention to details and prefers to delegate tasks to his subordinates. He is highly pragmatic when making decisions that are related to his role and responsibilities.

He is able to attend to several tasks simultaneously and displays flexibility in his work. Currently, he holds two responsibilities that are acknowledged by the hotel – he is both the Chief of Concierge and is the second in command in Hotel Sun Jaya’s Labor Union. Despite his “dual responsibilities”, he claims that he does not compromise his commitment to both parties and is able to balance the two effectively. Continue reading

Career Advancement Programs

Ms. Meredith is an organized and systematic employee due to the nature of her work in the Front Office. She is the doer type who gives great importance to details and will closely monitor its’ accuracy. She prefers to focus on one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. She appears to be contented with her current position and responsibilities. She takes pride in being the longest employed female in one of Jakarta’s pioneer hotels.

Ms. Meredith exercises a participative syle of leadership. She values her subordinates’ inputs and takes them to consideration. When disciplining a staff, she reasons with them first and prefers to settle matters without needing to refer to hotel procedures. However, there has been quite a number of times wherein she had to discipline her subordinates and had to follow the hotel’s procedure regarding such matter especially when it pertains to disciplinary actions. Continue reading

Career in Hotel Business

Mr. Jones began his career in the hotel business as a Buss Boy when he joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1983. He advanced in his career steadily and was promoted as Waiter in 1986, Captain Waiter in 1989, Assistant Headwaiter in 1994, and finally as Headwaiter in 1999. He takes pride in reaching his current level because he believes that it was purely his hard work that got him to where he is now.

According to him he was acknowledged for his performance in 1998 and was named “Supervisor of the Year.” His responsibilities include checking and monitoring Sukohardjo staff particularly the good grooming of waiters, checking of raw materials in the kitchen, controlling the operations of the outlet and conducting daily morning and evening briefing. Continue reading

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