Training Manager and Social Skills

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Ms. Lenny regards work as something important. When she works she tends to exert extra effort to achieve her goals and bring out the best in her. She is the type of worker who prefers to work at one particular task at a time and see it through to completion. However, she has learned to be flexible in her line of work and adaptable to the needs of the situation which are sometimes unpredictable.

Ms. Lenny enjoys the role and responsibilities of being a leader. She uses her social skills in managing her subordinates, and the people who works with her. In her new role as Training Manager, she enjoys to teach and share her knowledge to others. Despite her limited knowledge in training, she tries to come up with new ideas such as short courses on table manners, telephone manners, hospitality management and others related to social graces and ethics. Continue reading

Job Description and Job Performance

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Mr. Jameson is a theoretical type of person who likes to analyse and handle problems carefully. His daily activities include evaluating the work of his staff, coordinating and monitoring what was briefed in the morning, and reporting to property manager. He makes suggestions that would ensure higher efficiency and effectiveness in executing job responsibilities in his department, delegation of tasks to his staff and a more systematic and organized system to monitor their performance. He is also able to perform routine tasks satisfactorily and claims to love and enjoy his current job. Continue reading

Leader and Needs for Achievement

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Mr. Jon reflects himself as a person who has high aspiration to be a leader. He has strong intention to lead others and does not hesitate to be man in charge. If given role as a leader, he is likely to be a dominant leader who exerts intense control and uses strict rules to manage his followers.

Although he has true feelings to lead and influence other, he is apparently not willing to force others to accept his opinion or intention. When interacting with others with different opinions, he would appear passive. Instead, as he narrated, he would listen to others emphatically — understands their concern and finds the best solution to respond to problems. He took this kind of step as he believed that it could avoid conflict or confrontation with others and help him to build mutual agreement. Continue reading

Labor Union and Management

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Behind his calm and relaxed appearance, Mr. Johny is a tough and persistent worker who makes sure that his tasks are completed based on prior work plan and schedule. He has accumulated 20 years of collections experience and claims that honesty, perseverance, persistence, and diligence are the essential ingredients in order to be successful in conducting this kind of job in collections.

Towards his team, Mr. Johny always emphasizes on following work schedule persistently as he will monitor its progress through daily reports. He applies a situational leadership style as he would become tough or supportive depending on the situation. In the normal situation, he will only monitor the work activities of his subordinates because the work system and schedule are already well set up. Continue reading

Career Path and Job Experience

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Mr. Harry is an organized and tidy worker which is probably due to the nature of his job as a housekeeper. From the lengthy years of work experience in housekeeping, this has made him the practical person he is today. He handles problems quickly using his knowledge gathered from past experiences. Task committed, he will not stop something he started until it is finished.

Mr. Harry is very disciplined and strict when it comes to the rules and regulations of the hotel. He is always on time and he trains his staff to also be on time. He coordinates his crew with authority and is always consistent regarding the consequences for disobedience. He tries to guide them so they can work carefully, which are the important part of housekeeping. He would talk with his staff personally even outside the job. As an example, he does not tolerate non-serious workers during working hours, but lightens up and jokes around with them after work. Continue reading

Sales Manager and Leadership

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As a Senior Sales Manager in Banquet, Mr. Jonsen has 16 direct subordinates comprising of five sales managers, two sales executives and nine sales administrators. He and his team’s main duties are to market banquet facilities as well as sell food and beverages products. Given soft external market, he admitted that he and his team find hard times to meet the revenue target that has been established by management.

Mr. Jonsen seems to be confident with his leadership skills. In leading his staff, he tends to give autonomy and empowers them so that they can have liberty to choose the best action. He does not apply strict control to monitor his staff performance and prefers informal approach in dealing with his staff. He is quick in making decisions although at times he may overlook detail and ignore accuracy just for the sake of fast decision making process. He also regularly consults to procedures and his boss to make critical decisions about his jobs. Continue reading