Working as a Public Relation Manager

Ms. Devi appears to be knowledgeable in the field of Public Relations. She projects herself to be flexible and a hard worker. She has the ability to handle several tasks simultaneously. Furthermore, she is able to make decisions quickly, but has the tendency to overlook details that maybe crucial to the success of her decision.

Ms. Devi is creative as this is imperative to her responsibility as the hotels’ Assistant PR Manager. Being the Assistant PR Manager of Hotel Sun Jaya for relatively a short time, she was able to bring in Japanese Media Company, with whom she had an already established business relation, to do the hotels’ promotions and other advertisements. She has also done a joint promotion with Kabelvision Magazine . Continue reading

A Decisive Leader and Job Performance

Mr. Gary demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility. He believes that he is accountable for all his subordinates, the whole food and beverage business and the revenue generated by his department. To be able to handle the massive task that is placed upon him, he delegates some of these responsibilities to his immediate subordinates and other staff. He makes it a point to implement a simpler and easier manner of deciding on things and doing various tasks.

He could be classified as a “smart- worker” rather than a hard worker. He displays flexibility in his work and in dealing with clients and other guests as well. Although he adheres strictly to hotel regulations, he is highly pragmatic and bases most of his decisions regarding the F&B businesses on the most practical of reasons. He possesses a strategic mind and is able to critically analyze the situation that is presented before him. Moreover, he also holds a macro perspective and is able to see the “bigger picture” of a situation. Continue reading

National Sales Meeting

Ms. Evita appears to be very contented and happy with her current job. She is very enthusiastic and perceives her job to be a blessing. She is very systematic and organized in dealing with her work. She is a very detailed person and takes extreme care in decision making.

Given her current situation and resources available to her, Ms. Evita exhibits her creativity in her job by being very meticulous with details related with MICE. List of businesses she has brought in and created for the hotel include Cussons Soap National Sales Meeting, National Tourism Board Meeting and launching for PT. MetroData. Continue reading

High Loyalty and Commitment to the Job

Mr. Dansen first joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1991 as cook helper and, eventually, one of the cooks in Bengawan Solo Kitchen. He held this position for almost five years before becoming the Chef de pâté. In 2001, he was appointed to his current position as the Cook Supervisor, specializing on buffet cooking. His knack for cooking and the knowledge he has on this field has allowed him to enjoy his work to a great level.

He is happy with his current condition and is able to find ways to make his job more interesting, hence exciting and fun. He has acquired much recognition in his field such as placing number two among all the chefs in the hotel in 1997, landing the 2nd place in the Tumpeng competition in PRJ in 2001, winning the Tumpeng competition of DKI in 2002, and was given the Best Employee of the Month award in 1997. Continue reading

Organizational Commitment

Mr. Ron has worked for Sun Jaya Hotel for more than 25 years. Through out the years he has been known as a hard worker who conforms to the hotel’s rules and procedures. He considers Sun Jaya not just a place to earn but also as his own home, this shows a very high sense of belonging and organizational commitment. It seems that this perception of “this is my home” was instilled into him by Bapak and Ibu since the first time he worked here. With this in mind, Mr. Ron has always shown nothing but his best.

He would arrive at 10:00 AM and immediately get on with his daily task by checking the function room and briefing his staff regarding upcoming events. He plans ahead before occasions and assess possible problems before they arise. As a leader and head of his staff he is known to be very strict and the no non-sense type. When facing problems he would first analyse the situation, and explains to the wrongdoer where he went wrong and what he should have done. Continue reading

Participative Type of Leadership

Ms. Janet is an extremely organized person and favors to do things in a systematic manner. She carries a macro-level perspective and is pragmatic. She is able to delegate small matters to her subordinates and gives more attention to the bigger and more important details. She is hard working and desires to acquire new knowledge and skills on a different field for self- improvement and career development.

Ms. Janet appears to be at ease when dealing with people. She is able to sustain a pleasant appearance and express her ideas and thoughts clearly. She asserts her recommendations if necessary and desires to have a harmonious work relationship with subordinates and supervisors in her department. Her creative abilities, which are suppressed by their low budget and old equipment, have yet to be sharpened land realized. Continue reading