Career Development for PR Manager

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Ms. Julia appears to be very happy with her current responsibilities and role as the PR Manager In-charge. She finds her work enjoyable and may be considered a “smart worker”. She is extremely organized and systematic. She gives a prime on details and is impartial when it comes to decision- making. She displays a reasonable level of commitment and zeal to her job and desires on further improving herself.

At present, Ms. Julia’s leadership skill and her confidence to play a leadership role are still under developed. Despite this deficiency however, she has a high sense of responsibility for herself and for others, which is an indication of a natural leader profile. She delegates tasks to her subordinate and values her inputs and suggestions, but still prefers to oversee an operation or a project. At present, she has only one subordinate whom she treats as a partner rather than a subordinate. She prefers to analyze every detail of a situation or dilemma before making a decision, but is also able to make “quick- snappy” decisions if necessary. Continue reading

Short Course on Basic Managerial Skills

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Mr. Rooney seems to be competent in his current job. He enjoys working as an engineer, especially in the mechanical field. He likes to learn more about his job so he can share his knowledge and experiences to his staff. He learned on the job and considers himself a practical person. He is aware that he has reached the top level in engineering department because this is the highest position right now. He is simple and modest doing what he could to finish his tasks completely.

Mr. Rooney establishes close relationship with his staff. He treats his staff as equals and not as subordinates. He uses his personal approach to motivate and guide them to maintain a harmonious environment. He insists that his staff must help each other, especially in conditions where human resources are lacking. According to him, whenever a problem is evident, he prefers to discuss with his team, gets their inputs and opinions and finds alternatives together. Continue reading

How to Become A Great Sales and Marketing Manager?

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Mr. Robbert started in Hotel Sun Jaya as part of the job training that is required in his academy. After almost 13 years with the hotel, he is now the Senior Sales Manager in the sales and marketing department. He helps the director of marketing to manage sales executives in doing their job. According to him, he feels that his efforts are not recognized and given importance by his boss and in effect, he feels uncertain of his career in this hotel.

Mr. Robby is a very hard worker. He tries hard to attract clients to do their business meetings and other functions in Hotel Sun Jaya. When working, he displays diligence and high commitment to finish a task and gets restless his work is unfinished. He prefers to do and concentrate on one task before beginning a new one. He takes pride in his work style and expects others to be like him. He enjoys being identified as a hard worker and may even go to extreme lengths just to look like his working or appear busy. Continue reading

Managerial Skills and Assertiveness Training

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Ms. Renauli enjoys her current job and treats it more of a hobby rather than work. She is adept to perform several tasks simultaneously and is flexible in doing her work. She possesses a macro- level perspective and is inclined to make more practical and logical decisions than theoretical ones. She practices delegation of tasks to her subordinates, but prefers to handle the more important details of a project or activity. She displays a strong need to achieve higher successes involving her personal life, but claims to be contented and satisfied in so far as achievements related to her career is concerned. Continue reading

Business Center Manager

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Ms. Lily displays mastery in her field. She is flexible, adaptable to change; and is adept to perform various tasks in different disciplines. As proof of the prior statement, she currently holds two positions in the hotel; she is both the E.D.P. and Business Center Manager.

According to her, she is able to balance her time properly and is able to meet the requirements and fulfill the responsibilities of the two positions without compromising either one. She could also be considered a hard worker, yet manages to make her work life enjoyable. Admittedly, she has some difficulty in accomplishing administrative tasks and prefers to delegate details to her subordinates. She appears to favor theoretical knowledge and concepts thereby making her a possible effective planner. Moreover, her innate interest and fervor for computer related technology has given her a feeling of contentment and satisfaction in so far as her career path is concerned. Continue reading

Career Development as A Wedding Consultant

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Ms. Kiki projects herself as a person with a high need for achievement. When handling her tasks, she would put extra effort and work very hard to ensure that everything is running well and finished on time. In assuming the role of leader, she is less likely to use formal authority or line of command to instruct her staff. Instead, she gives freedom and empowers her staff. Although she has no strong tendency to control others, she has high need to be forceful. This means that she demands her staff to demonstrate best efforts in accomplishing tasks. She also relies on working procedures and job description and periodically checks the work and action of her subordinates. Continue reading