Security and Safety Manager

Mr. Sean is a steadfast worker who believes in the spirit of togetherness. He thinks that constant motivation to his subordinates and teamwork are great ways in getting tasks done. For 22 years, he has worked for the hotel and has endured lots of stress and worked during the toughest work hours. However, he persists and never complains because he admits that the work atmosphere “kekeluargaan” has helped and kept him enjoying working for this company through the years. For this, he received an award for Masa Bakti 10 years and 20 years, showing his dedication to the company. Continue reading

Diploma in Marketing Advertising

Ms. Eggy is an easygoing type of worker who sees work as something not requiring intense effort. She does not show any strong ambition in developing her career in Sun Jaya hotel; she says that she wants to set up her own business in the future, which is a beauty salon. Relatively new in Sun, she is now assigned to handle airlines industry account, as she claims that she had a hard time in achieving the target due to the static business condition of the airlines business. There are only 30 airlines companies, which she must approach to achieve the sales target. Continue reading

Housekeeping and Front Office Department

Mr. Benton started work in 1975 from the lowest position as Houseman. For 27 years he has been exposed to only two departments in the hotel – housekeeping and front office departments. This indicates that he has not been exposed to challenging tasks and therefore, has not developed the appropriate skills required in a supervisory role. Although he projects himself as someone who wants to achieve in reality he has not achieved what he hopes to become. This may be attributed to the fact that he is not confident due to his background and therefore, is just working for the sake of working. Continue reading

Best Employee of the Month

Mr. Daniel’s career history dates back in 1979 working his way up from a security guard to his current position as Chief Security. Considering the nature of his job, Mr. Daniel’s work profile is that of a policy conformist who strictly adheres to company rules and regulations. He is highly dependent on company policies but still feels the need for guidance and advice. He regards work as an important and serious obligation. For this, he informed us that he was awarded the Best Guard of the Month in 1987. Continue reading

Catering Business and Catering Manager

Mr. Ariely appears as a person who wants to achieve in his career and wants to contribute something significant. However, at present, he revealed that it is difficult for him to meet one of his key performance areas, that is, to achieve revenue target of Rp 700 million per month. It is unfortunate that he has not achieved this figure yet and he explained some factors are attributed to this. Some factors are the lack of sales people who can aggressively promote the catering service and management’s lack of support to catering department. Continue reading

Front Office Operation

Mr. James Zein has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya since 1975 and has found his forte in handling Front Office responsibilities. In 1995, he moved to Apartment Istana Sun, was appointed Leader Front Office and tasked to control all front office operation.

He does his work in a systematic fashion and expects his subordinates to be the same. He admits that he was able to assimilate his work style from his stay with the hotel and is grateful for the development of such ability. He works by his own rules, but is able to conform to AIS regulations as well and deliver what is expected of him. Despite the difficult situation and lack of support, he still tries to do his work correctly and accomplish all tasks that are assigned to him. Continue reading