Competency-based Interview Skills

Rightly or wrongly, the face-to-face, pre-employment interview is here to stay. What can you do to maximize your time with the candidate and get the kind of information you need for a decent evaluation of potential? According to Dr. Marvin Dunnette, an industrial psychologist and selection expert with Personnel Decisions, Minneapolis, these dozen and a half helpful hints can help you increase the effectiveness— read validity and reliability— of the face-to-face interview process. Continue reading

Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

Creative problem solving (CPS) is an idea whose time has come— once again. A popular topic in the 1950s and early 1960s, CPS faded from the scene as many users became disenchanted with the inconsistent results the then-existing methods seemed to produce. Now, however, CPS is being seen in a more positive light; more techniques have become available, and managerial problems have increased in both complexity and in scope.

A growing number of conferences, workshops, films, books, articles, newsletters and consultant services are available today for managers in¬terested in improving their CPS skills. Furthermore, the media have begun to emphasize the need for more creativity and innovation in Ameri¬can business and industry. Continue reading