Career Development Plan

Ms. Jeany portrays herself as a hard intense worker who enjoys challenging tasks and prefers to be deeply involved in a variety of jobs. Once she is given a particular job, she will focus on that job and commits herself to successfully complete it. Young and energetic, she radiates the aura of optimism and aspiration to achieve meaningful accomplishment.

At present, she has no direct subordinate – therefore, she does not have opportunity to express her leadership skills. Nevertheless, in her previous work experiences she displayed strong leadership abilities by being a coordinator of events. She and her friends grouped together and organized events. As the leader, she prefers to give freedom and empowers her staff as she herself also likes to be treated the same. Thus, she will feel uncomfortable if her boss or superior applies strict supervision on her while at work. Continue reading

Becoming a Smart Worker

Ms. Michelle appears to be a satisfied “smart” worker. She is happy with her job, but despite her contentment, she still strives to further improve herself and the business of the hotel. The nature of her job has instilled patience and perseverance in her. She is flexible and very pragmatic. She is able to adapt to her working environment quickly and also possesses the ability of making quick decisions.

Ms. Michelle is able to establish good rapport fast. She is very articulate and is able to express her insights clearly. She answers questions directly and systematically. Her display of certainty when conversing and answering questions exudes confidence that may be one of the reasons why she is able to win clients for ASI. In addition, she comes across as a pleasant person despite her assertiveness. Continue reading

Self Improvements and Leadership Role

Ms. Angela appears to be knowledgeable on the Japanese accounts that she is assigned to handle in the Sales and Marketing department of the hotel. She carries an innate interest in Japanese culture, which paves the way for her to find her job enjoyable. She prefers to have well defined goals and have concrete measurements of her success. She displays the desire to achieve higher success and accomplish even greater tasks and responsibilities. She is organized and systematic but is also flexible in going about with her work. She possesses a macro level perspective and places a high importance on theoretical and conceptual knowledge. Continue reading

Improving Staff Performance

Mr. Pete is a headwaiter in Mina Seafood and has 12 direct subordinates. In addition to coordinating his waiters to serve customers, he also has to make monthly work schedule and provide training — both in class and on the job training — for his staff on a regular basis.

As a leader he tends to use close and strict control to monitor his staff performance and pays attention to the detail and accuracy. He claimed that these attributes have helped him in ensuring that Mina Seafood room is always clean and neat. Nevertheless, the combination of his strong control and his high attention to detail makes him a dominant leader who may hesitate to give autonomy and trust to his staff. While this trait may be appropriate at times, it may also create disapproval and anger in the workplace. Continue reading

Becoming an Effective Front Office Manager

Mr. Rudy is responsible and committed to his job. He prefers to finish his task one by one and is organized and systematic. From his experiences in Front Office, he is used to work in an orderly and planned manner. Personally, he has a strong preference to do his work perfectly and has low tolerance for mistakes and errors. Despite his efforts, however, he admitted that he finds it difficult to realize this need because errors cannot be avoided since he has to coordinate with different parties.

At present, Mr. Rudy’s leadership skills are underdeveloped for he only has one subordinate and usually ends up doing the job by himself. He exerts effort, however, to perform his role as a supervisor to his sole subordinate by defining what task should be done and be given primary priority. He instructs his subordinate by using a persuasive and educative approach, telling him in a calm manner what and how things should be done. Continue reading

Creative Talents and Career Goals

Mr. Rientar has been dealing in art and designs for almost 28 years, despite that fact that he has no formal art or design educational background. It started as a hobby because he enjoys graphics, which led him to be the sole person in-charge of the hotel’s promotional materials. The hobby, which turned into his major profession, he supported himself by taking art courses and interaction with other artists from different hotels. He was responsible for the creation of the hotel’s art department and claims that he is continuously devoted to this field.

Mr. Rientar is passionate about this position and wants to bring out the best in all his artistic designs. He is responsible for all the banners, pamphlets, sign that we see around the lobby and the different restaurant outlets. He desires to see Sun Jaya to be promoted and be able to attract guests and diners not only by way of sales, marketing or public relations but also by way of his designs. At present, he is the only one in the hotel who is tasked with the responsibility of art creations. He aims to be the best art director and wants to see the Art Department successful to achieve his goal. Continue reading