Social Relationship and Job Skills

Mr. Sani projects himself as a leader who has strong need to control his staff. He does not hesitate to closely check and monitor every single task that his staff have done to ensure that each job has been finished properly. Equipped with his high attention to detail, he is able to detect any single mistake that his staff may have done and then takes immediate action to correct it. For instance, on a regular basis he checks the correctness of his staff job in accounting the inventory level of linen. If he finds any error, he immediately invites his staff, shows the error, and then asks them to correct it. Indeed, these strict and consistent controls have helped him a lot in maintaining the good quality of his team performance. Continue reading

Developing Supervision Skills

Mr. Peter is the type of worker who prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is done. He says that it is a burden if he cannot finish one task on time or else he will delegate to his subordinates to avoid any delay. He enjoys doing his tasks like a hobby and sees his work as something not requiring intense effort. He is happy in his current position and already familiar with his tasks, making him no need to put extra effort in handling his daily activities.

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Mr. Peter is a practical worker; he mostly responds quickly to anticipate daily work problems. He uses his past experience and gut feeling when solving problems. He mentions the time where there was an event wedding for 2500 persons and there was a shortage of supplies such as glasses/cutlery. There was pressure from top, as he will be fired if the event was not successfully managed. To solve this, he personally went out to buy 600 pieces of new glasses with his own money. The problem was solved and the wedding reception was managed successfully. Continue reading

Creative Solutions and Leadership

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Tony depicts the profile of a dedicated and disciplined employee. Considering that he is just a junior high school, he compensates this limitation by constantly displaying a good moral character and strict adherence to code of work ethics. Likewise, he continually works hard to accomplish assignments satisfactorily. From his examples, it appears that he has maintained a good track record as far as obedience and discipline at work is concerned. He claimed that he had never been absent in every single working day during the 23 years of his career in Sun Hotel. His strong endurance in working has earned for him the award as Best Employee of the Year in 90’s.

As a leader Mr. Tony applies relatively strong control to monitor his own as well as staff performance. He puts emphasis on the detail of his work to ensure that everything is taken care properly. He checks his staff works closely and pays attention to every corner of the public area to monitor whether his staff has done their tasks appropriately or not. Continue reading