Preventive Maintenance Strategy

There are many companies that are truly focused on providing satisfaction to their customers and practicing preventive maintenance strategy to make sure that they will be saved from spending too much on their equipment maintenance.

People who are responsible for making these strategies are ones who are looking forward to spending small amount of expenses on maintenance services instead of spending a large of money when equipment will encounter serious problems.

This is a smart way of saving money for repair needs and in making sure that their strategies are of the best when it comes to cost efficiency.

A good example for a good preventive maintenance strategy is when a company is using bulky equipment to massively produce products and using it on daily purpose. Continue reading

Operations Management at Intel

Whenever you are planning to buy a computer, what specifications are you after? Surely, you would want to purchase a computer that has specifications that are all in the latest versions, right?

You would want the latest Windows version installed on that computer that you will be buying and of course the latest version of Intel. Talking about Intel, who would not know about this only semiconductor supplier company?

Probably, almost everyone knows about Intel. With all the advertisements that were made about it and all the versions that was produced that you probably are using right now on your laptop. Now, why is Intel the subject that is being talked about in this article? That is because this article will talk about the operations management at Intel. Continue reading

Operations Management at Toyota

What are the most noticeable objects or machineries are you seeing whenever you are observing around you or just strolling around, or whenever you are on your way to your work?

You can surely tell that there are a lot of things that can be seen in just that simple observation and surely you would not know what the exact answer to that will be.

When you apply that concept in learning the operations management of a particular company, the same thing will be realized.

Though the concept of operations management looks easy to learn and practice in just one glance about the subject, once you finally start taking formal classes about it, you will surely realize that it’s more than just a simple aspect to learn. Once the concept of this is stored in one’s mind, application will be just as easy as. Continue reading

How to Develop an Effective Outsourcing Strategy?

With modern developments and technologies also come lots of opportunities. If back then, a person can tell that the opportunities that are being presented to them are only limited, the case now is already different.

Today, wherever you look or went, you can easily spot opportunities even without searching for it.

The same goes with the business industry. In fact, there are more business opportunities today than in the past centuries.

Everyone knows that with opportunity always comes the formulation of strategy in order to maximize and fully utilize them. One of the opportunities that were given to businessmen is the chance to lessen the cost that it is incurring. That is made possible through outsourcing. Continue reading

Operations Management and Operations Strategy at Samsung

Samsung is considered as one of the world’s leading providers of digital convergence technologies and digital media.

And due to that, whenever the word Samsung will be heard or whenever there is a new advertisement that are being presented by the company, most people will instantly be interested and turn their attention to know what the company’s new product is all about.

Samsung’s advertisement usually meant to feature new product that will be released in the market. The kind of product that will surely be liked by various customers since they knew that the digital media brand are only offering products and gadgets that are of high quality. Continue reading

Operations Management and Operations Strategy at Boeing Co

Operation management is one of the aspects of business that need to be addressed well since this aspect is the key for the company’s success.

By carefully planning the operation of the business including all the steps that must be done when a problem occurs would prepare the operations management team in handling and settling the issue. The capability and the strength of the business are measured through this aspect.

With proper planning and execution of this combine with the knowledge of the people behind the management operation of the business, a company will surely be secured and remain strong no matter what challenges may come on their way. Continue reading