Excellent Powerpoint Slides on HR Management and HR Scorecard

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In this page, you can view all of 15 excellent powerpoint slides on HR Management. All slides are designed in powerpoint files (ppt) so that you can modify and immediately use for your own learning process.

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There are 15 excellent HR presentation topics :

1. Competency-based HR Management
2. HR Scorecard
3. Principles of HR Management
4. Measuring ROI of Training
5. Change Management
6. Diagnosing Organizational Effectiveness
7. Good to Great
8. Coaching for Optimal Performance
9. Balanced Scorecard
10. Career Management
11. Communication Skills
12. Emotional Intelligence
13. Developing Leadership Skills
14. Presentation Skills for HR Managers
15. Creative Thinking Skills for HR Managers

You can download some of of those amazing HR slides for FREE. Download here – now.

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You can get those amazing HR slides for FREE. Download HERE NOW.

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Performance Appraisal PPT

Performance appraisal is one of the important factors for the success of an organization. Performance assessment conducted by the organization to an employee a performance is a good step to know the level of the employee’s ability to carry out each task.

Through performance appraisal PPT, it is a media to know many things related to assessment.

In the first slide, There are some things in PPT performance assessment that will be discussed are understanding, purpose and benefits of employment assessments, method, process of preparation, as well as some elements to work assessment.

Some points are expected to realize a performance assessment that actually contributes to an organization. Few points are the things that are most important to be known and understood in the performance assessment. Continue reading