Key Principles on Product Management Strategy

The art of directing and conducting through the application of techniques and frameworks, all factors and operations of manufacturing, innovating and creating products is also known as product management.

The ultimate goal of production management is the well-organized consumption as well as allotment of resource inputs in order to maximize the quantity and quality of services provided and goods produced.

The responsibility consists of product marketing and product development that are diverse (yet opposite) hard works, with the purpose of making the most of sales revenues, profit margins and market share. Continue reading

Smart Ways to Devise a Good Procurement Strategy

A business that focuses on producing goods or providing services should have a procurement department. A procurement head gives and plans out a procurement strategy that will make the company successful.

The strategies that should be included with the procurement process should be effective enough to make sure that the company will save as much money as they need and make use of money for improving other processes and departments of the company.

With the responsibilities of department heads, their subordinates will be following the strategy that they will make that will lead for the success of the business. Continue reading

Job Description of Operations Manager

One of the most important personnel in any company, organization or institution is the operations manager. This person plays a very important role so before hiring him, it is important to check his background, credentials and qualifications.

Hiring the wrong person will have a great impact in the operation and profitability of the business.

The operations manager is mostly needed in many industries typically as a storefront or in operation for retail business. His main role is to minimize or eliminate the day-to-day problems in the business operations and to ensure that the highest level of customer service will be achieved. Continue reading

Job Description of Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain administration consists of supervising the whole process to deliver the product to consumers. This takes account of processing raw materials, storing items in a stockroom or warehouse, providing customer service and moving from delivery centers to different stores.

The job description of supply chain manager is to ensure that every step occurs perfectly so that the business maximizes the income from their item.

Being a supply chain manager, you will be called over to buy materials in order to sustain production. The supply chain manager also analyzes and manages the use, storage and delivery of materials as well as inventory.

He or she will be the one who negotiates costs and the delivery of the resources to generate cost saving and minimize lead times. Continue reading

Predictive Maintenance – Key Strategy to Drive Factory Performamance

Maintenance cost is an important thing to reduce in large companies especially when the company owns a factory.

A company that wants to lessen its expenses with such maintenance is using the predictive strategy to make sure that it will not end up in major expenses due to replacements for the production equipment that it is using.

A person who is in charge in making strategies for predictive maintenance should have a good observation senses.

This is to ensure that the person is able to tell when should the maintenance be done and when it is needed by particular equipment. Continue reading

Plant Maintenance Services

Large industrial companies are known for having plants where their products are produced. Due to the fact that these plants are used on a daily basis, plant maintenance services are the things that should be observed by companies.

Plant managers should know their responsibilities when it comes to observing the functionality of equipment and safety of the people in the plant that they are managing. It is important that they are aware of the processes that they should be practicing to make sure that they are able to maintain the safety of the plant for the people who are working there.

Plant managers should know the methods and strategies that they should be observing to make sure that they are going to have an easy time dealing with the safety of their working area. Continue reading