Brand and Sales – Why is Branding So Important for Sales?

Nowadays, customers would always go for quality before pricing. He would like to know that his purchase will not be in vain or he would not be coming back for the same product just because the last one did not last longer than the money he had to pay.

In addition, to add a name to their purchase is a plus factor that helps future interaction between the customer and suppliers.

Brand names have become very important since people around the world have become more brand conscious. Everyone one wants to own something nice from a popular designer or developer. Continue reading

Brand Mindset, Brand Value and Brand Focus

However, unless they also understand the right things to do, i.e., understand and execute a BrandMindset, they may not achieve genuine brand status over the long term. There are five fundamental brand paradigm shifts that can be utilized by organizations to develop a more distinctive perception and enhance their brand equity. They include brand leverage, brand discipline, brand playing field, brand focus, and brand value. Continue reading