What is Career Planning?

Career planning is one of the most important things that a person can do to improve his life for the long term. Without proper preparations and organization, people will not be able to make it through financially and emotionally. Individuals need to find a job that suits their talents and passion.

It should also be financially and emotionally rewarding so that they can continue to excel and contribute to the company. There are several approaches that will help people become highly successful in their future jobs. Here are some guidelines. Continue reading

Career Planning and Career Management

Each day should be the perfect time for career planning if you are actively and seriously looking to achieve your career objectives. If you could not reach your career goal last year, then it is still possible to make it good this year. There are several tips on how to do the right career planning to be successful that we discuss here for you.

The first tip to do in the right career planning is to learn and re-learn. We all know that life requires every person to hone his or her abilities and proficiencies continuously in order to capable of living up to the current environment trends. Because the world changes constantly, it is important for you to be on your feet so that you can change along with the world. Continue reading

Career Development and Career Planning

For HRD professionals, the career development task in the 2020s will be to balance the individual’s needs for freedom and growth with the organization’s needs for productivity and results.

Most existing career development systems will continue to maintain the basic components of career development. These components include:

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

1. Techniques for individual self-assessment: Skills, interests, preferences, values and constraints such as family needs, geographical location, financial pressures, etc. Continue reading