High Loyalty and Commitment to the Job

Mr. Dansen first joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1991 as cook helper and, eventually, one of the cooks in Bengawan Solo Kitchen. He held this position for almost five years before becoming the Chef de pâté. In 2001, he was appointed to his current position as the Cook Supervisor, specializing on buffet cooking. His knack for cooking and the knowledge he has on this field has allowed him to enjoy his work to a great level.

He is happy with his current condition and is able to find ways to make his job more interesting, hence exciting and fun. He has acquired much recognition in his field such as placing number two among all the chefs in the hotel in 1997, landing the 2nd place in the Tumpeng competition in PRJ in 2001, winning the Tumpeng competition of DKI in 2002, and was given the Best Employee of the Month award in 1997. Continue reading