Motivation at Work

Mr. Dick regards his job and position as something very important. He is currently happy and contented in his current role as Assistant C&C Administration Manager. He is focused in handling his tasks and is willing to serve his customers at his best by using his interpersonal skills.

When asked about his daily activities, he claims that most of his time is spent to meet customers. He informs them about technical specifications, i.e. hotel facilities, size of stage, tables, and other equipment and gives necessary suggestions based on their needs. He enjoys meeting customers and feels a sense of appreciation when people say “thank you” to him for the service he had provided. Continue reading

Powerpoint Slide on Managing Customer Service

If the true face of any organization is its customer service people, then nothing is more important than the training of these crucial employees. These powerpoint slides offer a comprehensive approach for busy managers and trainers seeking to motivate their people and equip them with the tools they need to excel in this essential role. Continue reading