Developing Sales Promotion Strategy

Sales promotion is considered as a very important tool in the success of the business. It is the most heavily used tool, which decides that whether a company should be used at every time if you want to be known by the consumers.

Different marketing strategies come in very useful in this process.

Especially it becomes very useful when you are using push strategy. If the product is new, then this strategy is appreciated because when a product will be available on the front shelf, people will have a look at it and will sure give a glance. Push strategy not only work for new products but also it becomes very valuable for known products. With some help from television and billboard commercials, the push strategy will prove more than useful. Continue reading

Developing High Performance Culture and Training

Training is continuous and related to assignments. A high-performance spirit and raw confidence are cut from the same cloth. Confidence can be defined as the inner security that comes from knowing and knowing that you know.

The role of continuous training is to promote inner security by maintaining preparedness. With the business world changing so rapidly, the high-performance unit must be perpetually updated to remain current, responsive and effective. The training must be related to the task performed. This not only ensures cost effectiveness by being immediately applicable, it adds to the elite feeling by increasing the likelihood of unit success. Continue reading

Developing Training Program for Sales Trainee

Training in the geographies of the territory. One of the first problems a new salesperson has upon taking over a territory, large or small, is that of traveling in an unfamiliar area. This can be frustrating and time-consuming and may cause an inexperienced person to waste considerable time and become discouraged.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

While a person is in the initial stage of training to take over a sales territory, he or she should have an opportunity to study the best ways to travel that territory. There are numerous ways a sales trainee can develop an itinerary that will cover a territory efficiently. The trainer need not deal extensively with the techniques used to develop computer-generated itineraries. However, if the company does use a computer for this purpose, the trainee should be shown the principles underlying this procedure. Continue reading

Preparing and Developing Great Presentation Materials

Nitpick your presentation – and all the components – to death. You may have conducted the best study in the world and developed strong, compel┬Čling results and findings, but you won’t gain a grain of favor if your presentation has halitosis.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Using sharp word-processed copies of written materials instead of poor photocopies or mimeos, packaging written materials in attractive binders and the like, and using professionally prepared visuals gains points important credibility points. Likewise, making certain that presentation rooms are the right size for the group, appropriate AV equipment is on hand and functioning, chairs and tables are appropriate to the group, and the room itself is clean and temperate are examples of nitpicking that gain credibility points for a face-to-face presentation. Continue reading