How to Increase Employee Satisfaction

The importance of employee satisfaction is never undervalued by anyone who is interested seriously in keeping a successful business. Someone only needs to introspectively glance at his or her own habit to learn about the effect of satisfying and happy working condition on high productivity.

Whilst the common sense order that keeping the bedrock, employees and foundation of each successful company, engaged and interested in their workspace will lead directly to the increased efficiency and profits. Furthermore, the bustle and hustle of the daily venture maintenance can frequently push this necessary business active into the background. A short glance at several latest surveys on employee satisfaction and proven methods to promote it may work very well for the most employers’ benefits. Continue reading

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Eaton Corporation is a diversified manufacturer with sales of $1.8 billion in 1976 and 18,000 employees in 65 plants in North America. Recently, it embarked on one of the most venturesome attempts to counter worker alienation in the U.S. The approach, referred to as the “new philosophy,” actually dates back to the late 1960s. Eaton was building a new plant in Kearney, NE, and the manager-to-be wanted to avoid the kind of deterioration in employee-management relations he had seen in his old plants.

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So he turned to Baton’s employee relations research and development manager, Donald N. Scobel, for help. Scobel suggested neither job enrich¬ment, job redesign nor participative decision making as possible solutions. Instead, he created something he re¬fers to as “an enriched environment.” Continue reading