Evaluating the Performance of Sales People and Sales Managers

In most cases, evaluating the performance of salespeople is pat. They either make their numbers or they don’t. Perhaps an oversimplification, but not a monumental one. Evaluating the performance of the safes manager, though, has traditionally been more art than science.

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“At State Farm,” says Donald W. Frischmann, agency division vice president, “we felt that it was both imĀ¬possible and unrealistic to attempt to evaluate the performance of agency managers (sales managers) until we developed a realistic data-supported basis for evaluation. From a research standpoint, we needed to capture and verify the key dimensions of the sales manager’s job. From a corporate standpoint, we knew we would have to use this information to define the role we expected sales managers to fill, communicate those expectations, and help current sales management see how those key performance dimenĀ¬sions were, in fact, the essence of good sales management.” Continue reading