Job Responsibilities and Performance

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Mr. Alex started working in Hotel Green in 1974 as Steward. He became a Banquet Waiter after one year and moved to the coffee shop, still as a Waiter, after five years. In 1981, he became the captain and held this position for four years before being transferred to the Room service division as Room service captain. In 1990, he was promoted as the Room service assistant headwaiter and was finally the Room service headwaiter in 1995. His persistence in doing his job has earned him the trust of the food and beverages manager. His responsibilities include preparing room service reports, managing his staff through his supervisor, controlling food quality and hygiene; and preparing a new set of menu selections every six months. It can be inferred from his responsibilities that his job requires accuracy of details which he has already mastered for he admits to have a high regard for details and its’ precision. Continue reading