Salary Standard for Sales People

A company is represented in the market and over the entire world by their sales people. The product and services of a company are energetically promoted by the sales people of a company. Revenue growth and production are a company’s top most priority, sales people provide it by being the front runner and face of the company in front of the customers and people in general.

The employees who work as the sales people of a company have direct impact on the clients and the market itself as a whole. These impacts are about the products of the company in which they work and about the employee as well. Continue reading

HR Department and People Development Process

Personnel planning and review assures annual attention to how an organization’s people are developing and helps executives systematically broaden their pool of potential leaders. When it is well-managed, (criterion-based, reliable, fair) and considers both personal and organizational needs, personnel review and planning can also strengthen the organization’s appeal to career-conscious, high-talent recruits and employees.

This is true, however, only when top management helps develop, support and participate in a rigorous review and planning process and then follows through on career pathing and development actions. Continue reading

Roles of Human Resource Managers

Audits of employee issues can provide data as valuable as many financial reports because they flash early warning signals of turnover, lowered productivity and an in-ability to carry out strategies. These audits are especially valuable if executives acquire thorough data analysis and succinct, pragmatic plans as part of the audit process.

Human resources issue audits require front-end time and dollars. They delay answers to questions like, “What courses should we offer?” and “How much more productive can we be?” Continue reading