Designing Great Career Development Programs

Whenever we are in our professional life, we have to go through number of difficult stages. It becomes important for us to stick to the place where we are working because there is no guarantee nowadays what will happen to us in a workplace. There is an economic breakdown going through all over the world and no one is safely working in any place.

Career development does not prove to be effective in such kind of conditions because whenever any organization is going through a rough time it is forced to cut cost because the basic purpose of any organization is to make profit. To make profit, they have to cut down some of their important costs to make that possible such as training cost. It is considered as an expensive procedure but is surely to pay its dividends in a long run. Continue reading

Career Advancement Programs

Ms. Meredith is an organized and systematic employee due to the nature of her work in the Front Office. She is the doer type who gives great importance to details and will closely monitor its’ accuracy. She prefers to focus on one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. She appears to be contented with her current position and responsibilities. She takes pride in being the longest employed female in one of Jakarta’s pioneer hotels.

Ms. Meredith exercises a participative syle of leadership. She values her subordinates’ inputs and takes them to consideration. When disciplining a staff, she reasons with them first and prefers to settle matters without needing to refer to hotel procedures. However, there has been quite a number of times wherein she had to discipline her subordinates and had to follow the hotel’s procedure regarding such matter especially when it pertains to disciplinary actions. Continue reading