Quality Improvement and Performance Analysis

Most companies, concerned about sagging productivity, tend to place too much emphasis on the quantity of work turned out per employee, as opposed to the quality of work produced.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The amount or quantity of a particular product or output produced by an employee is easily measured and often serves as the basis for a performance rating, pay raise or promotion. As a result, quality is often lost in the rush to produce. And the once omnipresent words “Made in America” are giving way to foreign labels. Continue reading

Role of HRD in a Quality Improvement Effort

There really are three roles for HRD in a quality-improvement effort. First and most obvious is the education and training role. HRD is the natural reĀ¬source for communicating management’s commitment to quality “to the troops” and shaping the skills of the work force. Crosby sees three educational roles in a quality-improvement program. Continue reading