Traditional Performance Appraisal System is Failing

A conversation with Jay Beecroft can be a heady experience. Topics change and twist; one good thought invariably triggers two more. We recently had the good fortune of finding Beecroft at his St. Paul, MN base of operations and available for lunch. Between soup and salad, we gathered the following classic “Jayisms.” Continue reading

Becoming a Corporate Sales Training Supervisor

3M’s Jay Beecroft is a training directors’ training director. Though his official title— di¬rector of education, training and development— accurately mirrors his lack of personal pretension, it tells next to nothing of his successful 28-year reign as 3M’s top trainer.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Beecroft joined 3M in 1948 as a sales rep and, like so many, became a trainer almost by accident. In Beecroft’s case, the accident was named Bill Gove. Though now a nationally known speaker/trainer, Gove was 3M’s manager of business develop-ment when he met and was impressed by the ex-Army-Air-Corps-pilot-turned-sales rep, Jay Beecroft. Continue reading