Selecting and Nurturing Your Best Employees

More and more organizations are using tests and other controversial methods to identify their highest potential employees and managers and put them on an advancement fast-track. Here’s why.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Plant a handful of seeds in fer┬Čtile soil. Water well and cull the weeds. Soon sprouts break the soil. Few gardeners, looking at these tiny greens, could pick the bloomers from the stunted runts. Yet some buds will blossom with stunning beauty, some will struggle along in the bloomers’ shadows…and some will never grow at all.

Liken that garden to your organization, and yourself to the gardner. Can you pick the new employee who will grow faster and better than the rest? Can you isolate those who will never, germinate at all? Can anyone? And how can you help those most promising buds blossom best? Continue reading