Training Manager and Social Skills

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Ms. Lenny regards work as something important. When she works she tends to exert extra effort to achieve her goals and bring out the best in her. She is the type of worker who prefers to work at one particular task at a time and see it through to completion. However, she has learned to be flexible in her line of work and adaptable to the needs of the situation which are sometimes unpredictable.

Ms. Lenny enjoys the role and responsibilities of being a leader. She uses her social skills in managing her subordinates, and the people who works with her. In her new role as Training Manager, she enjoys to teach and share her knowledge to others. Despite her limited knowledge in training, she tries to come up with new ideas such as short courses on table manners, telephone manners, hospitality management and others related to social graces and ethics. Continue reading