Advantages and Strategies of Lean Manufacturing Method

All businesses aim for success, and one way of achieving it is through cutting of expenses. This can be done through lean manufacturing system. This method is also known as lean enterprise or lean production.

It is a concept on how to manage or run a business that focuses on “zero or no waste” policy. These wastes can be on different types, and these are over-production, inventory, conveyance, motion, correction, processing, transportation, waiting and underutilized people.

For customers, this is known as a production practice that is focused on the different strategies on how to consume the value of a specific product or service offered. This is centered on preserving the value with less effort or work. Quality is very essential in lean manufacturing.

For employees, this is to ensure less stress at work. Their main goal is to get rid of waste or to eliminate waste of their product, labor raw materials, number of goods produced as well as the space occupied. In case there are defects in the product, the production stops to immediately detect the problem.

This is a method used to eliminate waste as soon as possible. Through lean manufacturing, the company can really save a lot of money, but produce high quality products or even services. This will help your company save by not compromising the quality of the products.

There are five principles governing this lean manufacturing method. These include the team development, cellular manufacturing, six sigma and total quality management, rapid setup, and pull scheduling. These serve as your guide in the implementation process.

Adopting this lean manufacturing system includes the following:

• Custom – producing unique items by using a single craftsman
• Flexible – use of method that can immediately identify those issues that can greatly affect the business’ production. If the situation needs a change, then do it at once.

• Assembly – those assigned on the production system have the greater knowledge on how the system works

• Just-in-time production – products are delivered on a daily basis to meet the needs of the customers

• Continuous improvement – searching for more quality products is always given attention

There are many benefits that can be derived from lean manufacturing. One is that the quality of the produced products is excellent. Customers will be very much satisfied with quality products.

There can be lower cost and fewer numbers of products with defects. Manufacturing cost will also be reduced because of lean system. The speed of manufacturing process will also be increased or improved. Most importantly, waste is being eliminated in this method.

By getting rid or eliminating different types of waste, you can have less capital equipment, floor space, direct labor, inventory, time, and effort. To completely eliminate wastes, you need to have a better understanding about these different types of waste. Think that wastes do not add anything to the value of your customers.

In using the lean manufacturing system, you have to be aware of some techniques. Here are some tips if you wish to adopt this system.

• Look at your customer perspective in terms of expenses. They only pay for what they actually need. Make sure that the product will be of value to the customers. Add value to the product that is also valuable to them. Meeting the demand of your buyers is essential to promote any product or services. As advised, conduct first an assessment in your company.

• You should also be committed. Implementation of lean manufacturing practices needs commitment to remain financially strong to protect and grow jobs. Proper execution is the key. If you want to make things right, do it right.

• Take action. Start working your goal that is consistent with the plan you have made. Do right at the first time because trial and error method is just a waste of time and everything.

• Sort out, identify and eliminate resources that are not necessary. Reorganize the workplace, the people who work in it, the materials being used and all the moves or action in the lean manufacturing process. Therefore, accurate inspection is advised.

• Ensure that the workplace is ready and the resources are on their proper places depending on to the one who will use it to avoid waste of time in locating them.

• Search for the most efficient way on how to complete the task required, but make sure that everybody is following the new policies in manufacturing.

However, bear in mind that a business differs from each other. A method may be effective to one but not to another. Therefore be flexible enough to adopt changes if the situation calls for it. Be open for more opportunities and continuous improvements. Hope for a positive and real change.

Still, good decision making counts a lot. So, make sure that you are on the right track.