Building Heating and Cooling System in Factory Machines

In a working place, it must be made sure that employees are comfortable in their area. That is one responsibility each and every employer should observe, especially in factories where workplaces are mostly not properly ventilated.

For factories, one of the factors that should be considered to increase their production is the temperature of its working area because workers performance may also depend on it.

Depending on the products they produce or manufacture or the weather at present, workers should be provided with proper treatment. One way to provide for that is through installing the needed heating and cooling in factory.

Installation of heating and cooling in factory is important, especially now that global warming has worsened. Summer temperature may feel like being toasted with the sun as the toaster.

Imagine yourself working in a factory with that kind of temperature, would you be able to your task well?

No one can endure that kind of heat, so most probably any worker would just choose to absent or if they would still decide to come his performance would not be good.

The factory’s quota would not be reached and slowly would affect the company’s stability.

The only solution for that is to have an air condition installed. For countries experiencing the winter season, the same results may happen and the same solution should be applied, by installing heating systems.

Components of HVAC System
There is a systems purposely made for that particular situation, a system compatible for factories. This system is called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning). It is a system that controls the humidity, quality and temperature of the air inside the buildings to a set of chosen conditions. T

he basic components a HVAC system has are the following:

Boilers – it produces the needed hot water and sometimes steam to be distributed in the working space. It can be done through heating of coils or hot water pipes.

Cooling equipment – it chills the water to be used for pumping the cooling coils.

Pumps – this is used in circulating the hot and chilled water in the areas required inside the building.

Using a fan, extracting of stale air is done through the use of separate ducts which is then expelled outside.

There should be controls to be used to be able for the components to work efficiently together. It would be used for equipment in turning it on or off, in adjusting the boilers or chillers, the rates of water and air flow and, the pressures and temperature.

Installation of heating and cooling in factory may be very costly for the employer to provide but at the end of the day, both the employer and worker are benefitted.

Workers are able to accomplish whatever duty they controlling have to accomplish for the day without being bothered by the scorching summer or winter coldness. Employer would not have to worry with workers not performing well and not getting things done due to disregarding the condition of the work place.