Career in Banking Industry

You know what they say about a career in bank industry: the sleekest and most professional-looking. It is also among the very few that is compensated pretty well. What of all the sitting and talking to hundreds of people making transactions, this career should really have a good pay.

Also, there is the long years of working on a course that does not only equip one to become a good banker but also become a well-versed person.

If this is the course you have taken and you really want to have a career in the bank industry, here are some of the available positions you might want to land at:

Bank tellers
The person who speaks with you at the frontline of your bank is called a teller. Usually, there is more than one teller in a bank because they are the people who take care of their clients businesses. They may be among the well-scrubbed people you have seen in your life simply because they want to earn people trust. You wouldn’t want to leave your money to a con-looking person, would you?

A bank teller position is also among the highest possible entry level you can get from a bank should you wish to pursue a career in bank industry. It doesn’t need a lot of training and expertise, just the basic education or equivalent experience if you don’t have a degree on relevant courses.

Personal Bankers
Gee, even banks have a bit of discriminatory state. They generally separate the affluent to the average and below clienteles. The latter gets more attention and provided with personal bankers. The idea is that rich people have a lot to invest, so they surely need more detailed service with their money.

The availability of personal banker position depends on the size of the bank. If this is the career in bank industry you are eyeing at, you should have a high sense of customer service and also a strong ability for sales.

Or, if from a bank teller your manager offers you this position, you should be very proud of yourself because this is actually a promotion from the regular banking service to a more focused banking discipline. This will also earn you a table and an executive chair paired to about a couple of customer chairs.

Loan Representatives
These days, banks do offer a lot of loans. Home, auto, personal loans, you name it banks have them. And because there is demand, banks also offer careers for the position of a loan representative.

The position is basically for a staff that will take care of loan transactions done with the bank. He or she provides information and awareness to mostly, affluent bank clienteles although for some circumstances, this benefit may also be offered to other low-risk clienteles.

Due to the tasks that a loan representative has to deal with, this career in bank industry requires finance or other business degrees or even an equivalent experience. T

he candidate must also have strong sales and customer services abilities. If this is your forte, you should be glad to know that even if this is just another entry-level position in a bank, it is usually taken as a higher position. And if you just got this job from being a teller, you have just got yourself promoted.

Investment Advisers
All banks almost always have a subsidiary brokerage firm, which works to offer investment securities as well as insurance products. These products are available for all clientele of the bank, which normally have higher better benefits and features than those that are offered by third party businesses.

If you want a career in the bank industry like this, you need to be registered representative of that subsidiary firm. You would then be called an investment adviser. And for you to become an investment adviser, you should have strong customer service and sales abilities.

The smallest group in a bank is the management. There are a few managerial opportunities for you in a banking system, including the branch, operations, and executive. Most often operations managers usually rise from the ranks for his or her exemplary contribution to the group. But it would also help to have relevant education and equivalent experience if you want a career in bank industry in this level. A master’s degree would also be a significant plus but not really required.

Unlike an operations manager, both the branch and executive managerial slots require degrees and even MBAs. These positions may not always be offered as promotion to staffs due to those prerequisites, but there is always the possibility if you have the right feathers on your cap.

You see, if you have just the right educational background or equivalent experience, you can get whatever career in bank industry you want.