Career in Financial Industry: Career Options in Financial Sector

Even with the decline in the world economy people have seen great growth in the financial sector. Right now there are a lot of finance jobs and even more candidates for it. If you are looking for a Career in Financial then you have come to the right place.

You can be sure that your Career in Financial Industry is going to be rocking. Most of the fiancé related jobs can make you more than eighty five thousand dollars per annum and some even give you more than a hundred thousand dollars.

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A Career in Financial Industry can be made in brokerage firms, investment banks, investment trust companies and e commercial banks. Most of the times these companies ask you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in your required field or at most a master’s degree in your related field. While some fields of finance sector will require a certificate or license, and these people are preferred too. Sometimes companies might ask for experience as well. But getting the job is the easy part of your Career in Financial Industry, doing the job is the difficult part. Given below are a few fields of financial sector.

Financial Analysts
Now these people are always needed. You can easily find a job in this field. These are basically financial advisors for individuals and companies. This is one of the high paying fields in finance sector. Al he financial decisions and investments are made with the advice and the guidance of these people. This is a highly important job so you have to be very sure that you want to do this job or not.

To have great career in this field you have to have a master’s degree in this field. The more certificates and licenses you have the better it will be for your future. In this job you would have to watch market trends in different regions and industries for you client.

There are two types of financial analysts: sell side financial analysts and buy side financial analysts. Buy side financial analysts will be advising the individuals and companies to invest in things with biggest advantage. Sell side financial analysts will advise individuals and companies to work with stock dealers and bonds. If you do not count the bonuses then a good financial analysts can make up to seventy five thousand dollars per annum.

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Financial Managers
For this field you have to have a bachelor’s degree or at most a master’s degree in the related field. And you have to have at least three years of experience in a bank as a bank manager. Mostly they are employed at government offices, organizations and business firms. They are responsible for managing the financial situation of the employer. Other than that they have to oversee other things as well. They have to see and keep record of the cash flow;they have to make financial reports for investment activities, handle the acquisitions and keep record of the mergers for the firm or individual.Without counting the bonuses this is by far the highest paying financial career field. You can make more than a hundred thousand dollars per annum and if you count the bonuses then you can make at least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per annum.

Auditors and Accountants
Most if the people go for this field in financial sector. And sadly this is one of the lowest paying fields of financial sector. To become an auditor or an accountant you have to have a bachelor’s degree in the relate field. Or if you want to have better salary then you have to take a CPA standing.

You salary will rise up dramatically. Depending upon the position and the employer you will be given different works and tasks. But most of the time auditor or an accountant will have to see financial reports, financial records, financial development, taxes and their payment, keeping an eye of the cash flow. Or if you want to be employed in a government sector then you will be responsible for financial record analysis, and even you would have to make budgets for firms and companies.

You will make as much as sixty thousand dollars per annum and most of the senior auditor or accountants have benefits like paid leave, health insurance, company car and expense account.

Some Other Financial Sector Jobs
The mentioned above are not the only jobs in financial sector. You can choose from different other sectors like Securities, Financial Service and Commodities. These are those sectors that have more than 317,200 employees. Since 2008 the numbers have been increasing. To work in any of these sectors you have to have at least bachelor’s degree in the related fields or for better financial opportunities you can have a master’s degree.

Then you have to have professional certificates to get better standing and position at your job. The competition is always high in these fields and you always have to be at the top of your game. These fields pay really well and have many job attractions for you. That is the reason why people prefer these fieldsover other financial sector fields.

Right now these fields are giving jobs in stock brokers, traders, investment bankers, and financial sales agents.Most of the time people are given more than seventy thousand dollars per annum. However, with experience and time you will be able to make more than a hundred thousand dollars. In addition, as most of these jobs are commission based the salaries may vary for some fields.

Some Final Thoughts
Having a finance career is not that easy. You have to work really hard to gain a good position. You would have to work very hard because this is not an easy field. If you are thinking of having a career in financial sector then you are looking at long years of hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

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