Designing and Delivering Great Marketing Presentation

After days of creating a grand plan, it is now time for you to prepare for a marketing presentation. Although it is not the sole determining factor that makes your plan success, a finely done marketing presentation will help your plan gather for an approval.

Here are the tips if you want to make your marketing presentation professional and interesting.

•Preparing the room
Check out the room you are going to use for conducting your marketing presentation. Look at the size of the room, the placement of chairs and tables. Make some adjustment to the chair and table formation whenever you think it is necessary. Check the heater or air conditioner. Turn it on to know whether it works or not. In case there is a trouble with the room’s properties, report to the related department.

•Preparing the tools
You will need the help of operational staffs to ensure that everything will be well prepared before the marketing presentation begins. Check the lights, whiteboards, OHP, the projector screen and other equipments to ensure that they are working well. It will be better if you can have one of the staffs be ready in the presentation room in case some technical problems occur.

•Distributing materials
Before the presentation takes place, distribute the copies of materials to the audiences. The materials may include slides of PowerPoint, samples or other information related to your marketing presentation.

•Minimum text
Keep your marketing presentation slides free from excessive texts, numbers and irrelevant images. Slides which are full of text will only make you to lose contact with your audiences as they are trying to read it while you are explaining. Make each element of your presentation (be it text, number or photo shot) holds a significant point in your slide.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

•Maintaining the flow
While conducting a marketing presentation, you should create a dialog with your audiences. Making an eye contact with them and using proper gestures can be a few techniques you can apply during the marketing presentation. Keep your voice loud and clear. There is no need to scream, though. Use a wireless microphone if it is available.

•Limiting the details
Your plan may include a lot of things yet you should prevent yourself to reveal each of the detail. Your marketing presentation should focus on two or three things which you consider the most important, and leave the rest to a general explanation. This is to prevent your audiences from boring that may lead them to miss the point.


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