Finding the Best Place to Work For – Best Workplace Study

Whenever we are about to graduate, we have something in our mind that where we will be working. We create this whole picture in our mind about that workplace and hope that it turns out to be like that. Mostly there are all these multinationals, which is the first priority for most of the people. We have also seen those people who have gotten into these multinationals and feel that it was nothing like what they had expected. This expression of the newly hired employees does not make any difference in the image of the company because a consumer concern is with the product rather than what his employee feels about it.

Does that mean people won’t apply to that organization in the future? Yes, they will definitely apply and in large number. People like to associate themselves with the bigger organization because these large organizations might not suit to every person but they give an association which is bigger than anything which you have ever desired. Does their brand name make it the best workplace to work for? Well, this could have both the answers.

Many people have certain things in their mind and if they get that they would feel that it is the best workplace to work for and if they don’t find it, they would get pretty disappointed. This doesn’t mean they should just lose hope. You will never get the idealized situation, sometimes it becomes very important to adapt with the situation. This thing works for those whose main aim is to work and do well for their selves rather than thinking about their preferences.

Preferences of people vary with time because once you start doing something, later you might get fed up from it. The reason behind this could be repetitive work and you would want to do something new. It is not a major problem but it is something which could be found in almost every person because it is the nature of the man to easily get fed up with the same work.

Herzberg motivational theory has clearly focused on this factor i.e. some people like to do different work in different time so that they can perform at their 100%. This is something which the organization should focus on because there main target is profit and employee motivation is one of the factor which plays a key role in it.

Some people believe that best workplace to work for is where you don’t have to do enough work and you get free as early as possible. This may sound funny, but these people get what they really want. They may have to compromise on some factors such as salary, fringe benefits and brand name. This type of work may not offer them a better future but it will surely give them their dream workplace. These types of people stay very satisfied with their work even if they have to do same thing for several years.

The best thing to do whenever you are in a job hunt is to have no expectations whatsoever. This will help you in adjusting to any type of work environment and you will feel satisfied with whatever you are getting. This may give you the best workplace to work for but unfortunately, this is something which could not be found in every person. There may be very rare people available who will follow this mantra but not everyone.

Every person has some kind of expectations when he is going to start a new work. It may not be possible to compromise on everything for e.g. if you are not getting enough salary, you would not work for bigger number of hours. Many other factors will contribute in this so there is no escaping this reality.

The work environment plays a very important role in the satisfaction of the employees. Work environment may include number of factors such as colleagues, timing, place and the customers etc. If you get along with all of these things than your work type won’t matter because you would have number of other factors to consider also. It is advised by some of the experts that people should follow this techniqueas it would play a very important role in their long lasting career. Once you have spent enough time on one work place, more are the chances that you stick it for the rest of your life.

It is actually a good thing because it becomes very hard to find a dream work place and if you do get in there, number of other factors will play as a role of distraction for you. They key to succeed in any organization all over the world is to adapt. You just have to give it a chance and you may like it. We always feel that professional life is difficult and with that thought in mind we always fail to survive.

In any sports game we hear commentator saying ‘confidence is the key’ and it works in every situation. There may not be a best workplace to work for but you can make one by adapting to the culture of that organization. All the years of our education could not be put in vain if we fail to survive in any condition which does not suit us.

That doesn’t mean we should just jump into the first job which is offered to us but we should try. We should focus on every possible opportunity available to us and choose which we think is best for us. We should be ready to make compromises as well because we are not living in an idealist world so we should be ready to adapt to any situation which is offered to us.

In conclusion, we could say that there is no specific best workplace to work for but it could be made if we are ready to make some changes in our preferences. Also some of the motivational techniques will come in handy if the seniors in the organizations are ready to go for it.