How to Get a Great Job in Job Fair

People who join a job fair for the first time should know the special features and requirements that will successfully land them a job. In fact, many have successfully found their dream job just by looking at the available opportunities. A few preparations will greatly help in the assessment process.

People should also have an idea what type of job they want and the kind of company they wish to work in. Having the right traits and skills will improve the chances of getting accepted and being demanded by various groups.

1. Getting information. The first thing to do is to know where the job fair will be held, the time and the exact dates. In most cases, job fairs are held for 1 to 2 days. The venues will differ depending on the organizers. Some of the common places where these are held include schools, universities, convention centers and trade show areas. It becomes a give and take situation for the applicant and the employer. Companies will try to seek out the best candidates for the available jobs, while applicants will also gauge which companies will suit their particular interests and experience. It will help a lot to know a few people hosting the program and identify the companies that will be present and setting up booths.

2. Key preparations. Applicants should list down 3 to 5 companies that they plan on joining. They can get more information online or in bulletin boards. They have to prepare their resume and make the needed adjustments in the information that will define their skills and knowledge better to become highly qualified for the respective jobs. Write an introductory letter and include a formal and clear photo to make the resume stand out from the rest. In some cases, some booths will already have actual interviewers who will want to talk to applicants for 10 to 20 minutes. Be ready for a quick discussion.

3. Share knowledge. Companies will want to know how prepared and interested the applicant is in the job fair and their specific group. They will most likely ask applicants what they already know about the company and might even ask them a few things about the history, key founders and approaches that the company lives by. It will help to research in advance and learn about the basic guidelines and rules that the group employs. The applicant should also appear confident and show that he has truly researched in advance.

4. Dress well. Go to a job fair as if you were going to an actual interview. First impressions can be made from the moment the applicant submits the resume. It will be good to dress appropriately for the occasion by wearing a business suit. Be at the venue early so that the applicant provides the impression of being eager to become part of the group and show professionalism. The applicant should also treat all the people in the booth with courtesy and respect. Take time to view the different booths and then submit the application to the ones that are most appealing.