Investment Banking Strategy of Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is recognized in the history of investment banking as one of the successful companies. This company is involved not only in investment banking but also in securities trading activities.

Since its establishment in 1869, it started as a partnership, but in 1999, it became a corporation. It does not only do investment banking but also engages in investment management, securities services and other financial services.

The good thing about Goldman Sachs is that they are committed on giving advice to companies on how to raise capitals, managing risks as well as in buying and selling businesses.

Likewise, they also help the state, local and national governments in financing their operations and investing in infrastructure projects. In the same manner, they are the one doing transactions in behalf of their clients in all financial markets including bonds, equities, commodities and currencies. In this way, the economy will grow, and capital flows smoothly.

Goldman Sachs investment banking strategy is truly effective as they can provide services efficiently. The investment banking services is categorized into two parts such as the Underwriting and Financial Advisory. The underwriting service takes care of the public offerings and private placements of debt instruments and equity.

On the other hand, the financial advisory segment is responsible about the corporate defense activities, investitures, restructurings, spin-offs as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Nowadays, Goldman Sachs investment banking aspires to give their clients the best advice even in the most complex transactions. Additionally, they are committed on implementing the strategy of co-investing with their clients.

The best thing about this investing firm is that they are very organized not only in their services, but also in different industry sectors that they handle.

Aside from the investment banking strategy, Goldman Sachs also develops trading strategies including execution of transactions and final clearing.

In this way, their clients can easily achieve their goals. Executing securities transactions around the world can be easier as they give their clients effective strategy in sales and trading. Likewise, clients involved in brokerage learn how to monitor their portfolios, manage risks and maintain liquidity as well as build their businesses.

To ensure that their clients will achieve their goals, Goldman Sachs provides wealth advisory services that include financial counseling, portfolio management, brokerage and other transactions to their individual and institutional clients.

In additional individuals and organizations will benefit the most because this investing firm teaches their clients on how to plan and invest in order to attain their financial goals.

With all the benefits that Goldman Sachs offers to their clients, undoubtedly most companies and organizations turn to them. Nevertheless, the firm is continuously developing innovative strategies for their clients. Thus, their clients can take advantage with the different segments involved in investment banking as follows:

• Merchant banking

• Trading and Capital markets

• Private wealth management

• Execution services

• Securities services

• Global investment research

Moreover, the employees of Goldman Sachs are hardworking that is why their clients can expect for the best services that they need.