Is Internet Banking Safe ?

Nowadays, stolen credit cards and hacked bank accounts are the main cause of losing millions of dollars. However, internet banking is still the preferable by most because it is the most convenient way to do banking. It spares you from the hassles of standing and waiting in long lines.

Likewise, this option of banking is available anytime of the day making it viable especially for busy people. However, there are instances that internet banking may be dangerous to your account once sensitive information is revealed.

In this sense, it is important to know if internet banking is safe. The risks can be minimized by taking safety precautions in banking online. To ensure that your online account will be safe, you should observe some precautionary measures. How to make internet banking safe?

1. Legitimate banks
Before engaging in internet banking, you should first choose legitimate bank. As much as possible, choose a bank that is insured in FDIC, and has available physical branches.

2. Use a strong password
It is a must to use a strong password which consists of eight characters including lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numerals. This is important in creating online banking account so that it will be difficult to access by an unauthorized person. Likewise, you need also to change it periodically.

3. Install security software
Installing security software is the best way to avoid malicious software programs to hack your password. It is because password theft and viruses may monitor the keystrokes of your password.

4. Never click email links
Another way to make your internet banking safe is to avoid clicking email links such as security notifications. This is a technique of getting your password through phishing. There are websites disguising your bank’s website so that they can steal your password. Keep in mind that legitimate banks do not send an email for you to click. Therefore, you need to be very extra careful in clicking a link.

5. Utilize wireless access points
Never engage in internet banking by utilizing wireless access points because it is vulnerable to hackers.

6. Focus to transactions
When making transactions in internet banking you need to pay careful attention. If you notice suspicious transaction, the best thing to do is contact your bank immediately. In case of credit card theft, you should check the validity of the card number by making a small transaction.

7. Log off
Logging off after completing each transaction is recommended to avoid possible unauthorized access of your account. Indeed, online banking has been a phenomenon, yet its safety is questionable to many people.

Above anything and anyone else, it is the responsibility of the account owner to keep the safety of internet banking.

As long as you are practicing the safety measures, you can ensure that your account will be prevented from viable internet crime. Nevertheless, the industry of internet banking is improving the security aspect to ensure that the accounts of their clients will be safe at all times. After all, internet banking offers a lot of benefits not only to businesses but also individuals.