Operations Management at Intel

Whenever you are planning to buy a computer, what specifications are you after? Surely, you would want to purchase a computer that has specifications that are all in the latest versions, right?

You would want the latest Windows version installed on that computer that you will be buying and of course the latest version of Intel. Talking about Intel, who would not know about this only semiconductor supplier company?

Probably, almost everyone knows about Intel. With all the advertisements that were made about it and all the versions that was produced that you probably are using right now on your laptop. Now, why is Intel the subject that is being talked about in this article? That is because this article will talk about the operations management at Intel.

As everyone knows, Intel Corporation is the only provider and supplier of semiconductor chips that are being used on all computers that you can see being sold in the market.

This corporation is considered to be not just the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker but also the world’s most valued semiconductor chip maker.

Now, you are probably wondering why Intel has reached the peak of the industry and became known just because of that little chip which cannot be even seen since it is placed on the internal part of the computer. A little chips yet it holds a very important role for the computer to function. The answer to that is mainly due to the type of operations management at Intel.

Why does it have something to do with the operations management at Intel? That is because the overall planning and decision-making, and the overall operation of the business are being handled in this department, which only meant that, for the company to reach its goals, the operation management team must be knowledgeable and experienced enough in order to meet the goals of the company.

Though the different aspects of Intel’s corporation are already handled by specific people and teams, the operations management at Intel is still the one which has the overall control over all those aspects.

One of the things that the operations management at Intel has done in order to address the need to reduce the time being spent for the manufacturing cycle but still provide the planned production quantity, the company used and applied an a management approach which is focused and consists three major components.

These major components are targeting, dispatching and the near real-time scheduling approach. These three major components have been decided to be applied by the operations management at Intel not just to reduce the time for the manufacturing cycle but also to maximize efficiency.

Once the operations management at Intel has fully executed these three components, the company will automatically be allowed to implement its operations management philosophy in the coordinated way.

As an addition to that, the operations management at Intel developed the OPSched to utilize it so as for the requirements for this approach to be fulfilled.

This approach was proved to be suitable for the company to use which was determined by basing it on the OPSched system implementation through its manufacturing facilities and the achieved results.