Performance Appraisal PPT

Performance appraisal is one of the important factors for the success of an organization. Performance assessment conducted by the organization to an employee a performance is a good step to know the level of the employee’s ability to carry out each task.

Through performance appraisal PPT, it is a media to know many things related to assessment.

In the first slide, There are some things in PPT performance assessment that will be discussed are understanding, purpose and benefits of employment assessments, method, process of preparation, as well as some elements to work assessment.

Some points are expected to realize a performance assessment that actually contributes to an organization. Few points are the things that are most important to be known and understood in the performance assessment.

The next on performance appraisal PPT, discussed was the sense of the performance appraisal. Then, what exactly is the meaning of performance appraisal? Performance appraisal is a process carried out to measure the abilities and accomplishments of employees in accordance with the prescribed rules, whereas to do so by comparing the target with a variety of requirements that include a standard job description of the course work has been established for a certain period.

Besides that performance appraisal can also be interpreted as a formal system that is used on a regular basis and used to evaluate the performance of the individual in doing his work.

The Objectives of performance appraisal are categorized into several sections which are evaluation and development is discussed in this stage of performance appraisal PPT.

The things that are the evaluation results of the assessment are used to provide compensation, staffing decision, and used as a basis for evaluating the existing selection system. While in the category of development that accomplishment, achievement and well-developed individual weaknesses that impede performance. The benefits of the assessment can be directed to employees, appraisers, and also the company.

Learn more about the elements of performance, then the performance appraisal PPT will provide the information in this presentation. Several keys of the elements in the assessment of the performance are the performance standards, criteria for managerial performance, measure performance, analyze measurement data, as well as a variety of challenges in performance evaluation. Some elements are the most important things that must be considered in the activities performance appraisal.

Talking about the method performance assessment methods need in performance appraisal PPT is past performance based method. This method is an individual’s performance appraisal system of any work that has been done. Whereas the other methods of valuation are futures based methods. The method of performance evaluation is done by assessing the potential of workers to finally be able to apply performance like in the future.

The last discussion of the performance appraisal PPT, you will find material on the process of preparing the performance appraisal. The first phase of the first step you should do is to identify the destination.

When identification is found, then the next step to do is to set the standards for the job. In the third stage you should develop performance appraisal system. Performance appraisal system that you create will be useful to assess the performance of employees.

After the employee performance evaluation done well, then you had discussions about the assessment results with the employee. Therefore, you eventually set the standard for the position.