Powerful Tips on Giving Performance Feedback

When you are starting to work in a company, you will see that there are a lot misplaced and mistakes tasks that are given and worked by each of the employee.

There are also companies who suffer from misunderstanding with each of the employees. But this kind of problem arises can be removed within a company through Giving Performance Feedback. This kind of feedback will let the employees know the things that they have been doing and receiving those as a guide for them to be more productive.

Giving Performance Feedback by the HR manager has also anxieties and uncertainties when giving it to their employer. You can have positive feedbacks as well as negative feedbacks that needed to be carried on.

In human’s nature, Giving Performance Feedback about issues are not always directed, these unpleasant matters are just spent in little time to avoid discussing it.

Unfortunately, this is not a good approach in order for you to have an improvement because you don’t know what is needed to be improved. And some performance feedback is being told by your co-workers. And even more, they would not tell you what they know about your performance.

One example of this is when you had a negative feedback from your employer which you did not know. This is quite embarrassing but what’s more frustrating is no one of the co-workers would tell you about this.

According to the Career Builder, there of 66% of your colleagues who are on the same level as you would be telling you about the feedback, 60% would say this on the workers which are in lower levels than you, and 49% will tell a worker that is in the higher level.

This kind of statistics definitely foretells that in terms of evaluation and Giving Performance Feedback, some of the professionals are only giving feedback on a light negative. What they need is to give feedback on a daily basis. It means that it does not have to a in a formal way. With this, you and the others co-workers would know that they are supervising and observing when you are working.

You can tell that they are caring for each employee they have and praising those achievements making them be more hard-driven. Giving feedback privately will also be one of the best way, it should not have any interruptions in order for you and your employer not be lost on the distractions and making it very clear for the both of you. Avoiding feedback sandwich is also important.

Giving Performance Feedback should be sincere, direct and straight to the point. With this, the manager will be able to give what is really being needed in order for you to progress in your career. As for you, having a performance feedback should be received openly.

It is because you also have been given a chance in giving feedback on your manager. Having a performance feedback should be specified in order for them to point out the habits to help you move forward.

Good or bad performance feedback is a way on how you can improve your career. Take it is a constructive criticism to have a more productive and excellent career job.