Predictive Maintenance – Key Strategy to Drive Factory Performamance

Maintenance cost is an important thing to reduce in large companies especially when the company owns a factory.

A company that wants to lessen its expenses with such maintenance is using the predictive strategy to make sure that it will not end up in major expenses due to replacements for the production equipment that it is using.

A person who is in charge in making strategies for predictive maintenance should have a good observation senses.

This is to ensure that the person is able to tell when should the maintenance be done and when it is needed by particular equipment.

It is important for individuals who are responsible of doing predictive maintenance that they are able to determine the right time to do the maintenance. They should make sure that they are able to make use of the allotted budget for maintenance needs at the right time and at the right circumstances.

The observation ability of these individuals should be well enough to tell accurately whether the equipment in a certain area of the factory should undergo the maintenance process to prevent it from having function failure.

Most people who are not that aware about predictive maintenance are commonly confused with its difference or its similarity with preventive maintenance. Even if, the two are both cost effective strategies for a company, there is a great difference between the two.

• Preventive maintenance, as it says in its name, helps a company to prevent major expenses for replacements for equipment to happen.

There is a schedule that should be followed for the maintenance process and should be done by the time that is scheduled and not in other times when other equipment are scheduled. The maintenance sometimes is already allotted with a budget that will not affect the whole production cost for the month.

• Predictive Maintenance, with its name, it defines about prediction. It means that a person should have the ability to predict about the right time when equipment should undergo its maintenance process.

The budget is also allotted and should be used to ensure that the equipment are somehow inspected and are noted to be safe while it is being used on a daily basis.

With the predictive strategy, the person responsible should know the hints or precautionary measures that should be observed to know if an area’s equipment should undergo maintenance before it fails with its function.

The above mentioned distinction of the two strategies will help those people who are confused to know the difference of the two. By diligently practicing accurate and efficient predictive maintenance, a company is assured that their equipment will still get the maintenance that it needs by the time that it needs it.

The company will be secured that the costs for their repair or replacement needs will not be used, as much as possible. Their goal to lessen their expenses is achievable and will be easier to attain than not observing cost effective strategies for the production process of their company.