Safety and Health Workplace – Effects to All Workers

Safety and health workplace is very important to every individual. Once you are working for good, you need to follow safety measures. If you are not safe enough to work with your colleagues inside the company, then there is no need to stay on that particular work. It is a must for every employee to have safety and health workplace so that you may be able to secure yourself from any cost. Sometimes, the workplace’s health and safety is being directed into an unusual cost whether it is direct or indirect.

There are some instances that accidents or injuries on the workplace cannot be avoided. That’s why it happens due to some foreseeable circumstances. In relation with this, a direct cost associated would be very harmful for people. For further information, here are some of the direct costs associated with these different accident injuries in the workplace:

• An injured person always feels pain and discomfort. Thus, any injured individual might suffer from too many hardships due to the direct injuries that they experience.

• Just in case the illness or the injury is complex and quite serious, then there is a possibility that you will lose your job.

• You may also experience loss of money or income once you have been injured in the workplace. However, it always depends on the company, compensation time, sick time, and some other aspects.

• Medical bills from the hospital or clinic will always be a serious topic once you have been injured in the workplace. In fact, there are even times when you need to file a claim against the company if it refuses to help you.
After stating the direct cost on this situation, it is also significant to know the different indirect cost associated with this accident injury or any sort of diseases. Below are the lists of indirect costs that you must know once you have been seriously injured in your workplace:

• Productivity loss. Since you have been injured or felt severe suffering from any illness, your productivity level will be reduced.

• Replacing or retraining workers. There are some cases that the company managers are looking for a replacing worker just in case you will not fully recover.

• Replacement costs or machinery repair.
• Negative attitudes and behavior or the lower moral of some other employees or workers.

• Medical expenses and compensation payments. There are always compensation payments or fees that you have to pay since they are needed for your situation.

• The employer may pay for the number of your missed days for work.
With all the direct cost that you may suffer out of the accident injuries or diseases, you and your family will be affected in some specific aspects such as money budgeting. This will result now to a financial instability of a certain family. Therefore, it is very important secure your safety and health workplace so that direct or indirect cost will be prevented at all times.

To all companies, every employer must ensure the safety of their workers because it is something that they must abide by. It is one of the rights of each employee to have a safety and health workplace. And it is also an obligation of any employer to give ways and have an assurance that their workers will be comfortable with their job. This is somewhat a give and take relationship between the employer and the workers. The main purpose of this is to ensure the strong bond within the company.

A safety and health workplace will be good for you and for the company owner since there will be no conflicts and any dilemmas that may occur while doing your tasks and duties. An employer must know the different consequences that might happen once safety and health workplace is not given to the entire workers and employees within the company.

In fact, employers will be benefited as well once they take good care of their subordinates and workers. Here are some of the benefits the company or the employer will get once there is a safe and healthy environment inside the workplace:

• There will be profit maximization since all the employers will be productive on their jobs.

• There will be a good working relationship between the company and the workers.

• There will be no time for excuses since everyone in your company will be in good health condition.

• There will be improvement on the workers’ skills and knowledge due to the willingness to do and perform their task every day.

To summarize all the benefits of a safe workplace, the company itself will have more advantages due to its high productivity level. Is your company prioritizing the health and welfare of its employees? If not, you had better find another job. Bear in mind that having a safe workplace is one of the rights of an employee.