Strategic HR Management Presentation Slides

HR strategy PPT is one of the ways to understand more about the best strategy for human resource. As we know that HR plays an important role to help realizing the vision and mission of an organization or company. Through HR strategy is the alignment as the human resource management with the organization’s mission.

There are some of HR strategy through PPT they are; as the way to access and to know more about the quality of human resource that is linked with the mission of agency accomplishment, as the way to explore the role of human resources as well as any, to show that HR is a provider of employment services, and also identifies best practices for aligning an organization’s strategic plan.

• The theory of HR strategy PPT
In this presentation, you will learn things that match some strategy including behavioral perspective, the cybernetic system, resource, and also agency.

• HR as sustained competitive advantage
For the next HR theory PPT, the other important point is they can provide to the company, heterogonous of supplying the labor, heterogeneous demand for labor, rarity; HR should have high ability level of rare, attractive reward system, valid selection program, unique historical conditions, social complexity, and also substitutable technology. Based on those theory above tells that the strategies are not implementable universally.

However, humans have a basic resource for things that are necessary for fulfilling their various things.

• Innovation as strategy
Have a high level of innovation is very important as the strategy HR strategy. Besides that the long-term focus. High level of cooperative behavior is also should be considered to support the HR strategy.

• Competence management
There are some points for competence management they are competence acquisition, competence utilization, competence displacement, and the last is competence retention.

• Behavior management
There are two points of HR strategy PPT. The points are behavioral control and behavioral coordination. Both of those points are really important to support the strategy of HR.

• The theory of Agency cost
The cost is associated with negotiating, evaluating, monitoring, and also enforcing. The agency of the costs is associated with establishing efficient contracts between some parties. Beside that the bureaucratic cost may refers to the transaction cost that is associated with managing the human resources hierarchy. You have to know that this theory is really popular for diversification, internalization, and also restructuring.

• Non strategic theory for HR strategy PPT
The Strategy usually provides instructions for us to do something. Through the strategy then you’ll find it easier to run a variety of things in accordance with the instructions on the strategy.

The importance of the role of strategy, then you should really pay attention to some strategies that are not strategic for your consideration they are institutionalism and then resource of independent model.

The resource dependence model is only focus on the power relationship. It assumes that many organizations depend on the flow of valuable resource to organization. Then, institutionalism is viewed as the social process. Usually many individuals come to accept a definition of social reality conception.