A Decisive Leader and Job Performance

Mr. Gary demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility. He believes that he is accountable for all his subordinates, the whole food and beverage business and the revenue generated by his department. To be able to handle the massive task that is placed upon him, he delegates some of these responsibilities to his immediate subordinates and other staff. He makes it a point to implement a simpler and easier manner of deciding on things and doing various tasks.

He could be classified as a “smart- worker” rather than a hard worker. He displays flexibility in his work and in dealing with clients and other guests as well. Although he adheres strictly to hotel regulations, he is highly pragmatic and bases most of his decisions regarding the F&B businesses on the most practical of reasons. He possesses a strategic mind and is able to critically analyze the situation that is presented before him. Moreover, he also holds a macro perspective and is able to see the “bigger picture” of a situation. Continue reading