A Decisive Leader and Job Performance

Mr. Gary demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility. He believes that he is accountable for all his subordinates, the whole food and beverage business and the revenue generated by his department. To be able to handle the massive task that is placed upon him, he delegates some of these responsibilities to his immediate subordinates and other staff. He makes it a point to implement a simpler and easier manner of deciding on things and doing various tasks.

He could be classified as a “smart- worker” rather than a hard worker. He displays flexibility in his work and in dealing with clients and other guests as well. Although he adheres strictly to hotel regulations, he is highly pragmatic and bases most of his decisions regarding the F&B businesses on the most practical of reasons. He possesses a strategic mind and is able to critically analyze the situation that is presented before him. Moreover, he also holds a macro perspective and is able to see the “bigger picture” of a situation.

Mr. Gary could be characterized as a firm and decisive leader. He narrates that most of the time; he is compelled to be forceful just so a subordinate or one of the supervisors under him would follow his decision strictly. He also has the ability to make fast and on the spot yet positive- bearing decisions. He is likely to be hardhearted when disciplining stubborn and uncooperative subordinates. When faced with a situation wherein he needs to reprimand a staff, he refers to the hotel’s regulations and does according to procedure with no compromise. He displays high confidence in exercising his leadership role and authority. Furthermore, he makes an effort to know the attitude and behavior of each of his staff so he could try to customize his leadership and disciplining style according to their personality indicating that he adopts the situational leadership style.

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Mr. Gary gives high importance to customer satisfaction. His high commitment to the hotel’s clients is evident in the way he treats them and his willingness to provide them with the service that surpasses their expectations. He believes that he has been able to give the hotel’s clients the service that they deserve and is certain that they were satisfied. Furthermore, he has been able to instill to his subordinates the importance of giving clients quality service and is certain that he has been able to succeed in this endeavor. The number of business that the F&B department is currently holding, a huge bulk of which are repeat clients, is an indication of high satisfaction from their customers.

Mr. Gary is considered to be more resourceful than creative. According to him, he has encountered countless instances where his resourcefulness and quick thinking were put to test and fortunately, has been able to go through all of them smoothly. He narrates that most of the time, the dilemma would concern inadequate supplies that are crucial to the F&B catering business. When encountered with such situations he sends his staff to purchase the needed supplies or outsources the scarce equipment to a supplier, either way, he believes that.. “The show must go on”.

Mr. Gary displays high level of energy in his job. He adheres strictly to hotel rules and regulations and uses them as basis for disciplinary actions. He works independently and is goal-oriented who does not need to seek the approval of higher authority to do his work. Responsible and objective, he is self-reliant and motivated more by the task than by praises from above. This may be attributed to his relationship with the General Manager and Resident Manager and the treatment extended to him – more of a colleague rather than a subordinate . Furthermore, it appears that he is highly trusted by his two superiors and has been given full autonomy in making decisions that are related to the Food and Beverage business of the Hotel.


Mr. Gary is a pleasant person. His exposure to the international community has given him the confidence to fully exercise his leadership role and authority. He speaks much of his achievements and other work related experiences overseas and appears to be proud of them. He has the tendency to monopolize the conversation, especially if the topic concerns work related experiences. He is the person who has a lot of things to say and tends to speak his mind all out. However, he claims to be a good listener when his subordinates share their problem with him. He is comfortable socializing with peers but appears to prefer a more personal, one to one interaction. From his profile, it can be inferred that Mr. Gary can create and maintain a healthy social relationship with others, mostly in relation to business, but is emotionally self reliant. He seeks challenges and appears to be enjoying the heavy responsibility that is placed upon him. Despite his performance, he feels that he is exerting inadequate effort and desires to achieve more in his career.


• Commendable hotel related work experience
• Able to think strategically
• Has a macro- perspective
• Firm, decisive Leader
• Motivates subordinates
• High commitment to work
• Revenue conscious/ profit oriented
• High regard for client satisfaction

• Desires to have additional training on hotel operations abroad
• Despises backstabbers
• Low tolerance for stubborn, uncooperative subordinates


Mr. Gary first joined Sun Jaya in 1977, but left after U.S.A. for a career opportunity in the United States. He rejoined with the Sun Group in 1990 and was given the responsibility of a chef and a maitre’ d. He was moved to the Front Office in 1992 and was assigned in the Reservations and later on, as Duty Manager for Room Division. In 1995, he was assigned to Sun Jaya,Solo, but was recalled back to Jakarta office in 1996 and was once again with the Front Office. In 1998, an opportunity to work in the Food and Beverage Department was presented to him after the F&B Director and the F&B Manager left. Since then, he has been the Food and Beverage Manager overseeing more than half of the hotel’s total number of labor force and the whole Food and Beverage business and operations of the hotel. To date, he seems the most popular manager in this hotel.

Mr. Gary comes across as a firm and decisive leader above anything else. He is also strict when it comes to disciplining his subordinates and does not compromise on anything. He certainly knows what it takes to be a leader. He adheres to the rules when it concerns reprimanding his staff, but is highly pragmatic when deciding on business matters for the hotel. He displays ease in making quick decisions and makes sure that they produce positive results. He is business minded and makes it a point that no matter what business he brings, it will bring great profit and benefit to the hotel. In addition, he is flexible in doing about his work and practices delegation of tasks to his subordinates, yet prefers to handle the more important details and workload. He has high commitment to customer satisfaction and desires to give the clients the service that would surpass their expectations. He is resourceful and is able to maximize the resources available to them. Albeit he appears to be a natural introvert, he possesses good socializing skills and is comfortable when dealing with others. At present, he appears to be enjoying the responsibility that is bestowed upon him and is continually seeking self and career development.

Based on the overall findings, Mr. Gary possesses the appropriate skills and leadership style for his current job. As the Food and Beverage Manager handling more than half of the total number of hotel employees, a leader who is firm in his decision, both business and discipline related, is imperative. Moreover, his work experience has compensated his lack of theoretical knowledge on hotel operations and has equipped him with skills that are of high benefit to the hotel. From the data presented, Mr. Gary is therefore recommended for further career development.