National Sales Meeting

Ms. Evita appears to be very contented and happy with her current job. She is very enthusiastic and perceives her job to be a blessing. She is very systematic and organized in dealing with her work. She is a very detailed person and takes extreme care in decision making.

Given her current situation and resources available to her, Ms. Evita exhibits her creativity in her job by being very meticulous with details related with MICE. List of businesses she has brought in and created for the hotel include Cussons Soap National Sales Meeting, National Tourism Board Meeting and launching for PT. MetroData.

Ms. Evita is articulate however there are times when she fails to directly answer a question but still manages to convey her ideas/answers. She is very convincing and seems to be knowledgeable on matters regarding the MICE business and her role and responsibilities as the MICE Manager.

Ms. Evita has the ability to establish good rapport quickly, thus leaving a good impression on clients and business partners. She appears to enjoy her job and does not hesitate to go beyond her duties and roles to better the MICE business of the hotel. She also has a high regard for teamwork and is very business-minded, however, she lacks the opportunity to actualize her leadership potentials for she is not provided with subordinates despite her managerial position.

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Ms. Evita is very organized and strictly adheres to the hotel’s rules and guidelines when deciding on businesses for MICE. Frequently, these decisions that have to be made involve pricing for the event and other accommodations that are included. In instances wherein the client bargains for a price lower than the standard amount set by the hotel, Ms. Evita consults her immediate supervisor who then advises her. Her strict compliance with the hotel’s guidelines and procedures has resulted to Ms. Evita’s limited authority in decision- making. Moreover, her extreme high regard for details may entail higher accuracy but may also slow down the decision making process.

Ms. Evita exhibits a high respect for authority. She strictly follows the hotel’s rules and goes through the procedure provided in the hotel’s guidelines when dealing with clients.


Ms. Evita is a very sociable person. She likes to be with people and exerts effort to maintain a good relationship with co- workers and clients. Given a choice and the opportunity, she prefers to work with a team. In addition, she desires to create a good image for herself and for the hotel. She is very enthusiastic about her job and takes pride in being one of the three MICE managers existing in the whole of Jakarta.


• Is pleasant and has a positive disposition
• Displays high organizational commitment
• Highly-spirited worker
• Open to new knowledge
• Able to build and maintain good relationship with clients and co-workers
• Business-minded

• Lacks assertiveness in recommending new ideas that may disrupt the established norm of the hotel.
• Tends to suppress her emotions and ideas to avoid conflict with co-workers.


Ms. Evita Mura has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for one year and five months as the hotels’ MICE Manager. Prior to her present occupation, she was the Corporate Sales Manager for the Sun Group from July 1999 to December 2000.

Ms. Evita exhibits a pleasant and positive disposition. Her commitment and zest in her work and her desire to have a good relationship with co-workers and clients give her the thrust to better the MICE business and the whole image of the hotel itself. Her previous work experience has equipped her with the right skills needed for her current job. Given the chance to exercise her leadership abilities, Ms. Evita is likely to demonstrate a participative style of leadership.

Based on the above findings, Ms. Evita displays the right skills and attitude for her current job. Her previous employment with the Sun Group has helped further enhance her socializing skills and has provided relevant knowledge required for the role and responsibilities of her current position. Given ample time to improve her hotel industry knowledge and opportunities to exercise decision- making and leadership skills, Ms. Evita is likely to grow on the job and is a potential candidate for further career development.