Working as a Public Relation Manager

Ms. Devi appears to be knowledgeable in the field of Public Relations. She projects herself to be flexible and a hard worker. She has the ability to handle several tasks simultaneously. Furthermore, she is able to make decisions quickly, but has the tendency to overlook details that maybe crucial to the success of her decision.

Ms. Devi is creative as this is imperative to her responsibility as the hotels’ Assistant PR Manager. Being the Assistant PR Manager of Hotel Sun Jaya for relatively a short time, she was able to bring in Japanese Media Company, with whom she had an already established business relation, to do the hotels’ promotions and other advertisements. She has also done a joint promotion with Kabelvision Magazine .

Ms. Devi exudes confidence when conveying her ideas. She is articulate and a good speaker. She answers questions directly and with certainty. Despite her clear display of confidence, she maintains a low profile and speaks of her achievements and herself modestly.

Ms. Devi is a thinker and a quick decision maker. She attributes her fast paced decision making style to the nature of her work. According to her, Public Relations is a fast paced field, therefore “quick-thinking” is a must. As the Assistant PR Manager, she caters mostly to the advertising needs of other departments in the hotel. She adheres to the hotels’ procedure when deciding on a business, but does not hesitate to make decisions outside the protocol if the situation calls for it.

Ms. Devi seeks challenges. She has a positive outlook in dealing with dilemmas related to her job and responsibility. Despite the high demands of her job, she is able to deliver on time without sacrificing the quality of her work. She tries to the best of her abilities to meet the expectations and needs of her immediate client – the hotel.

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Ms. Devi likes to deal with people. She is very sociable and desires to create and maintain good relations with her co-workers and clients. She seeks improvement for herself and for the hotel that she is working for. She is articulate and systematic in answering questions. She displays confidence, yet maintains a low profile. With regards to dealing with change, she is open and willingly welcomes innovations especially if it means challenge. According to her, through this she becomes a more flexible and adaptable individual. As far as her temperament is concerned, she is open and expressive of her emotions, however she tends to suppress showing them so as to avoid conflict with subordinates and co- workers.


• Hard worker
• Team player
• Sociable

• Underestimates capabilities
• Has the tendency to be too sensitive


Ms. Devi has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for only three months as the Assistant PR Manager. Prior to Hotel Sun Jaya, she has done secretarial work in the education department of the French Embassy and was one of the four PR managers for The Hilton Hotel for one year.

Ms. Devi seeks challenges for self-improvement. She describes herself to be a team player and a hard worker. She displays confidence in answering questions yet speaks modestly of herself and her achievements. She is articulate and a good speaker. She is assertive yet extremely considerate of others feelings. She is able to attend to a number of matters simultaneously and is a quick decision maker. She adheres to the hotels’ procedures when deciding on a business with clients, but practices autonomy in decision- making if faced with a situation that is beyond the scope of the hotels’ procedures. She prefers to deal with tasks that require her to be mobile rather than administrative work, which is more behind- the- desk type of job.

Based on the above findings, Ms. Devi displays the right skills and attitude for her current job. Her previous employment with the Hilton as a PR Manager has equipped her with the commendable experience and existing contacts that would prove beneficial to Hotel Sun Jaya. The combination of Ms. Devi’s personality, skills and knowledge makes her appropriate for her current position and lays the foundation of even higher success in her career.