Sales Executive and Leadership Skills

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Henry is a hard worker. He narrates that he had to start from the bottom of the organization ( a telemarketer) and had to strive to reach his current position. He has the ability to finish a task and exerts a lot of effort to meet targets and other quota sales for the hotel. Despite the pressures and stress that is associated with his job, he enjoys doing his work and does not hesitate to go beyond his duties and responsibilities as the Sales Executive. He displays flexibility at work and is highly pragmatic. Moreover, he prefers to see the “bigger picture” of a situation.

Mr. Henry displays confidence when answering questions and expressing ideas. He appears to be knowledgeable of his job and the responsibilities that go along with it. However, there is a still a need for him to improve on the theoretical aspect of the field that he has ventured in. He desires feedback from his superiors to determine areas for self-improvement and acquire new ideas/ suggestions to better the business of the hotel. He also likes to be acknowledged for his efforts and achievements. His creative abilities are yet to be realized.

Mr. Henry has limited autonomy in decision-making for he has to get the approval of his superiors and has to adhere to the hotels’ procedures and rules. Despite this restriction, he is a quick decision maker especially when he is on field to scout or meet clients. He is highly pragmatic and prefers to base decisions on the most logical and practical of reasons.

Mr. Henry displays enthusiasm for his job. He appears to be full of energy and in the right physical state to meet the demands of his work. He claims that his passion for servicing people provides him the motivation to further improve his performance and the whole business of the hotel. He positively states that there are a of lot things that he can do for the hotel but needs time to learn and grow on the job.


Mr. Henry shows great confidence. He speaks about the progress and other achievements in his career and appears to be proud of his success. He seeks challenges in order to improve himself. He desires to create a good reputation for himself and for the hotel. He is able to create and maintain good relationships with his co-workers and clients and exerts effort to avoid conflict. He claims to be considerate of others’ feelings but admits to be “too sensitive” at times.


• Enjoys work
• Physically fit to meet the demands of his job
• Energetic

• Tends to give in to his emotions at times
• Needs to have an opportunity to exercise leadership
• Needs to have an opportunity to improve and actualize creativity
• Needs additional theoretical knowledge on the field of sales and marketing


Mr. Henry has been Hotel Sun Jaya’s Sales Executive for one year. Previously, he worked with the hotel as a telemarketer under the Sales and Marketing division. His responsibilities as the current Sales Executive include scouting for new clients and maintaining a good relationship with the hotel’s existing clients.

Mr. Henry is full of enthusiasm and energy for his job. He claims to enjoy his work and exerts extra effort to better the business of the hotel. He seeks challenges to further improve himself. He possesses a positive outlook on things and is a hard-worker. He displays confidence when dealing with people and appears to be sociable. He decides on matters fast and prefers to look at things on a macro level.

From the data gathered, Mr. Henry’s personality and outlook appears to fit the requirements of his job. His persistence is vital to his role as the Sales Executive so as to convince clients to invest their businesses with the hotel. His physical well- being proves to have a positive effect on his career and enables him to deal with the stress that comes along with the nature of his work. Training and opportunities are needed to bring out and hone his leadership abilities and creativity. Should the prior conditions be satisfied, Mr. Taufik will be amongst those whose contribution to the hotel will be considered of high value and significance.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.