Becoming A Good Front Office Manager

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Diego appears to have a clear understanding of his position and the responsibilities that is associated with it. He is hard working and yearns to improve himself further. He is considered a “self-starter” and takes the initiative to do a task without needing to be told or learn something new if the hotel administration is unable to provide the training for it. He displays flexibility in his job and has a high regard for details thereby making him an effective planner.

As the new Front Office Manager in-charge, Mr. Diego has an overabundance of new ideas to better the operations of the Front Office. Among his various plans for the Front Office is the introduction of the multi-tasking system, which according to him will produce well-rounded employees. Even though his plan is yet to be implemented, he appears to be extremely eager and enthusiastic about it.

Mr. Diego exercises a participative style of leadership. He values his subordinates and co- workers’ inputs and suggestions. He is able to convey to his subordinates what should be done and helps them in mastering their respective job responsibility. He wants to know his subordinates capabilities to determine the appropriate work to match their skills. He likes to foster an open communication work environment within his department At the moment, he has an under developed leadership skill that may be attributed to his probationary status as the Front Office Manager. In the end of his probation and with the final discretion from the management regarding his status, this leadership role has a great potential to be developed. In fact, from his replies to our behavioral-based -non-questions, it is already indicative that Mr. Diego has the traits of a strict and no non-sense type of leader with strong emphasis on “efficient performance”.
Mr. Diego admits that he is able to make routine decisions fast, but has some reservations in making decisions that are outside of his authority. It is for this reason that his pace in decision-making is considered as standard. Moreover, the uncertainty that he has regarding his “manager-in-charge status” may also be the cause of such mediocre pace. At present, he strictly adheres to the guidelines of the hotel in making decisions and ends up consulting the higher authority when he is unsure of a situation. The pace of his decision-making skills can still be developed through time.


Mr. Diego possesses good socializing skills suited for his current position as the Front Office Manager In-charge. He is able to foster a good working environment within his department by having open communication lines and establishing clear job descriptions for each of his subordinates. He is communicative and is able to express himself clearly in English. His eagerness to improve the Front Office operations manifests his creativity and foresight. He is not confined within the present but is able to have a clear view of what should be done and accomplished in the future. It is evident at this point that his vague probationary status suppresses him to take full authority and leadership on the Front Office operations.


• Able to communicate ideas well
• Exercises a participative style of leadership
• Highly organized and systematic
• Desires self- improvement through learning
• Motivated and self-starter who is always eager to learn

• Needs additional training on hotel operations and business
• Has the tendency to be overly dependent on a particular individual
• Needs more exposure to decision making process


Mr. Diego has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for 12 years. He started as a member of the Security Department then got transferred to the Engineering Department as fireman. Later, he became one of the hotel’s telephone operators and held this position for about three years. His highly spirited nature enabled him to be transferred to the Front Office for nine to ten months before being appointed as the Front Office Supervisor or Shift Leader. He further progressed in his career after two years and became the Assistant Front Office Manager. At present, he is under probation as the Front Office Manager.

Mr. Diego’s positive disposition and socializing skills make him appropriate for his current role as the Front Office Manager. Moreover, his desire for self- improvement has given him the enthusiasm for his job. He practices a participative style of leadership and gives importance to the inputs of his subordinates. He has a high regard for details thereby making him an effective planner. He desires his department to be comprised of well-rounded employees, having knowledge on all Front Office operations. He believes that action is needed to achieve a goal and one should not be confined in the present, but also have a clear vision of the future.

Based on the information accumulated, Mr. Diego has the right skills and attitude to make great advances in his career. His initiative gives him the potential to be a good and effective leader. At this point, Mr. Diego needs a clear decision on his appointment as the Front Office Manager to make him more confident and motivated in playing his role. This can, therefore, follow that Mr. Diego has the makings of a valuable contributor to the hotel’s overall business. It is recommended to the management to ensure that he is motivated and to prepare a career development plan for rising stars like him.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.